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Mr. and Mrs. Feret From Czech Republic

The door of the elaborate Feret mausoleum seems to be permanently askew, affording visitors an up-close view of a double bust of its occupants, Mr and Mrs. Feret. At the base of the bust are bas-reliefs of what appears to be Mr and Mrs. Feret looking at themselves when they were young and old. Records indicate that Felix Feret (1851-1905) was an agronomist and that the mausoleum was built it 1903. The bust is signed Felix Charpentier (1858-1924). The Feret mausoleum is in Division 8.

The tomb of Gabrielle Pera offers a bas-relief medallion of young Pera cradled by a sorrowful angel. The assembly is sheltered in a neoclassical portico. The Pera tomb is in Division 8.

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