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He just said, “Welcome to Montreal”. -We’re, right now, on Mont Royal looking out on the city behind us. A very French one, at that. It’s just like a little slice of Paris here in North America. Whatever he said. Let’s go! Montreal is a city like no other. You have to take the time to explore. I mean, you have Jean-Talon Market where you can buy fresh vegetables and produce. You have Jacques Cartier Place with all the vendors. Such a beautiful city. Biking through the city is such an adventure and you really get to go places you wouldn’t go in a car. You actually get to go into the neighborhoods, see how people live.

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It’s an entirely different way to experience a city and I love it! – And not far out of Montreal is Quebec City and Quebec City is labeled as the official oldest city in North America and boy does it feel like that. This is the Place Royale, one of the main squares here in Quebec City. It’s got the Notre-Dame des Victoires and uh, the statue of Louis XIV. You get to stop by Montmorency Falls and it is just a great day or even a couple of days outside of Montreal. I love how Montreal has so much culture, especially because the food. Montreal style bagels are so delicious, especially when you can get them hot right out of the oven.

So good. Mhm. And smoked meat is so tasty, you can’t leave without trying it. We also tried a lot of foods in Old Montreal. Yeah, in a day you can have everything from macarons to ice cream that is flavored with maple syrup. Mmm, this is really good. Poutine is totally a guilty pleasure. It’s french fries, with gravy and cheese curds. You have to try it. Our trip to Montreal just flew right by. There was so much to see and do. Like walking through old Montreal and of course, beautiful St. Jacques Square. I know. I loved the food. It was so delicious. And I enjoyed brushing up on the little bit of French that I know. I can’t wait to come back! Me too.

Discover Montreal Map of Montreal Photo Gallery

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