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So right now.

I want, you through the French Quarter here in New Orleans it is the historical corner basically the old center of town obviously founded by the French. And today French Quarter. So there are couple things that New Orleans is famous for one of them being jazz music yes it was founded here about in this 1900s early 1900s and.

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We’ll be hearing lots of that while, you are down here in the south. So right now. I’m in Jackson Square.

And behind me is the famous st. Louis Cathedral, it’s one of the main squares here in the French Quarter three amazing yeah. So those are the airboats.

And we’re gonna see if we can find some Gators the last week in November first week in December every year when our water temperature falls below 60 and. I want to temperatures 28 degrees right now when our water temperature falls below 60 alligators body shuts down gonna slow his heart rate down now four to six beats per minute, this is gonna allow the alligator now to hold his breath for 21 to 24 days goes underneath the water underneath the mud buries down deep in that mud – comes up on one breath a share back down for three weeks the Louisiana alligator is exactly like the Louisiana people from the south in the wall when they eat their food they take the fat from that food they snorting they tell, you this allows the alligator now four to six to eight months out. I’ve seen them go out even the scientists say the Gator could go two-plus years without eating, this is how they survived to the Ice Age Louisiana baby this moment made this really really loud very neon street is permit Street, it’s kind of like the the nightlife district here in New Orleans lots of bars lots of jazz Oh.

So for dinner we boarded a po-boy sandwich let’s like a traditional sandwich here in your leaves when we totally have to try. I got the blackened catfish your local fish. I know.

I mean. So a thank, you right now. And then we also have the deck shrimp fried shrimp.

And what what did, you get cat fish as well which was this one that one chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken fried alligator. And blackened blackened alligator what we were just trying to spot them today. And now we’re eating them how does it taste that’s the fried one well at least we have internet J internet wait Internet’s down.

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