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Hunting for Survival

While the staple food in summer is fish, in winter it is generally game. One needs large animals such as caribou and moose to feed the dogs and small ones such as partridge, hare, or grouse for the people. Of course, knowing how to find the game is very important, as is mastering the arts of tracking, stalking, and hunting in general.

In winter, you hunt on snowshoes. Preserving the meat afterwards is no problem since the temperature never rises above 0° F.

Colorful canvas umbrellas shade white picnic tables, and table grape Durham Map Tourist Attractions vines border the walkway to the tasting room. Near the front door, the basket press used Durham Map Tourist Attractions in 1988 to make Peachy Canyon’s first wine serves as a reminder of humble beginnings. In 1982 Doug and Nancy Beckett left teaching careers in Southern California and moved to Paso Robles to raise their children in a more rural environment. A short time later, Doug joined the ranks of home winemakers, crafting Zinfandel by night in five-gallon water bottles. He used a pitchfork to scoop grapes into a portable crusher and borrowed barrels from a friend. When the harvest ended, Doug was certain that winemaking was his calling.

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