Hey guys how are you doing today welcome to Bali we’re here at the chill house, and we’re gonna be spending the next five days here we’re an area called King ding ding oh yeah that’s realistic Changu that’s the area.

But we thought to start the day we better give you a room tour. Because this is where we gonna be staying for the next week alrighty. So he is out front gate, and then you come into a little patio area, and then this chair is super cool we should be sitting this one Steve he’s chillin over here feel like we can have like cheeky dinners here if we want some privacy I did it look. So cute we’ve got such a big outside area Eric into chillin, and then, I’ll show you the room let’s come on in there is our big four-poster bed, and then of course a cupboard to put our clothes in oh to show you guys look how tiny the bananas are how cute is that they gave you a little they gave us a little fruit bowl that’s so cute alrighty, and then coming into our bathroom it’s kind of like an outdoor indoor bathroom. So here’s the sink area right, and then here is our shower, and then like it’s like half open half closed how cool is that, and I love the wall. So like they’re made of stone how cool is that, and our floor there with all the leaves cuz it’s half in half out. So cute yeah that’s a little cheeky virtua are you ready for brekkie supposedly this place has really good smoothies, and it’s so like healthy, and there’s vegetarian options, and vegan options.


So I think we’re gonna be eating really well swing to Stevie, and then we’re gonna go to Breck area sorry nice we’ve got like a little blue umbrella to show that it’s ours our room is called Limpy Mindy Mindy I never noticed it before let’s go close them up this area is so beautiful, and loving oh yeah let’s eat first, and I like cold is not helping at all mm-hmm I don’t know which one, I’m gonna go for there’s so many options, and of course for my breakfast I’ve gone for the classic Bank eggs we just devoured that goal my screen we’ve eaten in a while all right we just got out Kofi Cheers you need this to start the day after that after that long long flight going for a cheeky explore which way do you want to go Jessica, I’m like sweating so much I think we just it’s only 9:30 in the morning even when we arrived at the airport yesterday I was so hot, and it was at like 12:30 we got off the plane. But I think we just need a couple of days to get used to it it’s just gone like I think we might have found somewhere to go I think this is where we come to go to your game yeah we look sorry nice I love the little signs they’ve got going on in this place totally making Stephen do a yoga lesson one morning what are you wrecking the stage I had a little peek it looked really really cool we’ve decided we’re gonna have one of those days. But we literally spend the whole day at the resort Benji goth resort eating food reading shows, and having one of those chill day is. Because well we are at the chill, and then we have activities planned every day after this on the top. So if I let it go anyway we’re gonna have one of those days oh my gosh, I’m so dizzy it’s still going yeah we just spend the rest of the morning chilling out like a chicken nap I cannot remember the last about a day nap that was so nice, and all our editing is up to date.

So now we’re gonna go, and grab some lunch you know you’ve come to a good place when we have a worn shoes since arriving I’ve made a little friend Trey he’s like a gigantic cricket he is huge my goodness Steve come try pick it up his name’s Henry um we’ll pick him up, and then you’ll find out if he’s humble oh my gosh people I mean Henry come be our friend oh it is you need to get out of our house now okay guys this is what the diet I don’t even know why we on a diet this looks. So besides that looks. So unbelievably healthy look at that salad boy who never seen. So many veggies eating here yes these salads you can order from this place also if we just back up the camera a little bit what is this like cheese Bob’s this is the living the life right now we’ve decided it is coffee o’clock we found this really cool place to do work we have it all to ourselves the flooring is so cute got our little station here, and then we’ve got this little chair that we can’t stop chillin in just like the one near our room yes you get like a view over the pool people chilling down there it’s just a really really pretty spot, I’m so glad we found it in my head we just found out this place there’s like a ton of activities. So we’ve just booked in one day we’re gonna be doing yoga one day we’re gonna be doing bike riding we’re trying to work it up work out if you want to do it through rice fields or near a waterfall.

But I feel like joking like rice fields would be more like full-on barley all right let’s do rice fields, and then. So yah yah go bike riding, and surfing we’re gonna do surfing lesson, and tomorrow we’re going to be doing whitewater rafting there’s so much going oh I just realized there is a third story through this little chill room, I’m gonna check what is up here oh wow it’s like a little bed if you would just want to like lie down, and read a book you want to see on this time like there’s a bit of barley up there for you guys will definitely show you a bit more of actual barley tomorrow. But there’s a little taste all right it’s just past 7:00, and we’ve just been told that at 7 o’clock everyone who stays here meets for dinner which is pretty cool. So a lot of solo travelers then can like meet people, and stuff like that. So heading down now, and we are a little bit late I feel like with the loss of the party, and hopefully we can have a seat Steve I swear this has been a day of food it’s so good, and some healthy food as well – the pancakes. But that was work this is good little buffet YUM beetroot, and parrot Kate never tried that before you try to like it all righty guys we off to bed we have to wake up really early tomorrow to Korea whitewater rafting they’re picking us up at 7 o’clock, I’m super excited for it. So, I’m off to bed good night guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow bye you.

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