The Maldives of the Philippines

So after a quick one-night stop in Manila, it’s time to head back to the airport today we’re off to an island by the name of Maserati. And, it’s kind of known as like the cowboy Island of the Philippines or so. I’ve been told, it’s known to have like lots of like cows running around, you can ride horses.

And personally. I’ve only been horseback riding once, but maybe that will be today’s mission is to find the best horseback riding place have, you ever ridden a horse yeah actually quite a few times. So right now.

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I’m in the back of a police cruiser when Jaime arrived in the Philippines as, you guys may have seen he was charged the equivalent of like ten times what he should have paid for a taxi. And he had no way to know because like he’s new to the country he’s going to a trusted airport taxi service. And they still scammed him.

So nonetheless we’ve been refunded most of the amount, but the airport police are still overcharged nest by a substantial amount so. I’ve currently had it to Terminal two to try to figure out what the actual fee would have been get that amount reversed. And get a receipt for the con artists work today they claimed that they had actually shut down the taxi service that had ripped Jaime off.

I really don’t know if. I believe it, but at least we’re getting our money back all right. So.

I’m now on the tarmac that boats board my flight here. And that was. So frustrating guys.

I literally spent about an hour. And a half billing nothing was being done. And ultimately other than getting our money back nothing is being done bleugh transport is the company that ripped Jamie off the Conner does company that runs out of the airport.

And there’s like literally no consequences coming down on them. I talked to the police. And they said if.

I wanted to do anything. I would have to go through another formal complaint process even after. I went through all the formal complaint processes at the airport.

I really don’t understand what more. I could have done, it’s very frustrating, but that’s unfortunately the reality of it all. I can say is avoid that company.

And spread the work on a much brighter note we’re all boarded onto our Cebu Pacific flight heading to ma spot a. I think, it’s gonna take us about 45 minutes to get there pretty close, it’s just southern lives on should be good fight after negotiating with a couple overly aggressive tricycle drivers. I found one 100 pesos we’re gonna go check out a hotel by the name of legacy.

I don’t know if City good, but we’re going alright all aboard ten pesos per person let’s do it. So why is this on that’s because today is going to be a cinematic flawed whenever Jamie and. I do cinematics we where it had been right now we are right in front of one of the finest places, you can eat in the Philippines maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but, this is like the McDonald’s of the Philippines, this is jolly beat as, you can see he’s just a jolly be just like me a bit of a jolly guy.

So they have like all sorts of different fried chicken assortment they even have burger patties with rice no hamburger bun just the burger with like mushroom sauce put on it some corn, it’s very interesting because it’s so different, but yet it looks. So similar to what we have back home they even have a spaghetti so.

I will say as far as burgers ago, it’s a little different tasting. I think he’s got a more in the Asian style like we’ve had a couple burgers now that are filipino stuff they’re bit more soft they’re not as like. I don’t know how to put it to be honest.

I don’t exactly love it as much as. I would love like a American burger by any stretch, but, it’s okay edible Jollibee ketchup rocks house. I like it actually, it’s tangy, it’s kind of like a little bit of spicy kick to it very light not spicy spicy, but, it’s tangy.

I like it better than normal ketchup. And then these are the fries that they have marinated in like a cheesy sauce the biggest difference between this burger. And like let’s say McDonald’s burger is they have like a sweet.

And mayo inside of it. And as a North American. I don’t know how much.

I could get behind the taste, but, it’s not that bad. I mean we even ordered like little buttons at a bakery the other day. And they were.

So sweet the french fries are a little bit sweeter the coca-cola the sprite like they actually add more sugar than, you see in North America there’s more calories in the Coca Cola’s because they add more sugar. I’m not a huge fan of the extra sugar, but still pretty good we had to change our plans a little bit mascot day like. I mentioned earlier is known as like the rodeo capital the place pride horses all that kind of stuff, but that’s actually in April.

So that’s not going on this time of the year, but what they do have is this thing by the name of wooden toad. And if you saw my post the Maldives of the Philippines, it’s like one of my most viral blog posts. I’ve ever made they’ll be linked down below, it’s really cool.

I think they have their own version of that now. I don’t know if, it’s a completely isolated sand patch in the water, but from the brochure it looks really beautiful, but brochures can be very misleading so. We’ll find out for ourselves in just a moment, but, it’s 500 pesos a boat is coming to pick us up.

And, it’s just a couple kilometers away. I believe. So our boat has just arrived.

And, it’s time to get on the SS friendship where Jamie and. I will be cruising to Bunn would the nuts in Boone would wouldn’t it Oh stepping in the growth yeah the tides too low. So they told us to walk to the boat instead of using the pier because the boats way below the pier level, but now.

I’m stepping in gross yeah it’s so squishy between my toes this was five hundred pesos which is like ten US dollars to have a boat. And two dudes show us around don’t know how long we have before maybe there’s some catch maybe they’re gonna charge us to get back the other part back, it’s like 3,000 pesos.

I don’t know maybe they’d kill us, it’s like goodness that’s worth more than 500 pesos could be that’s probably how they do. I did not expect this like. I said kind of similar to the Maldives of the Philippines.

And it’s so quiet. So this right here is your little getaway right outside of Masbate a city pretty much a little slice of paradise, it’s beautiful just a white sand beach there’s some shells.

And a few rocks in there. So, it’s not like perfect white sand, but, it’s beautiful, it’s in a nice surrounding area, it’s chilled vibes hello. So when you’re on a deserted little island what, you gotta get depending light looks a lot like that baby the boys have arrived sandy glides Coleman yeah the whole crews here we’re leaving at the wrong time by the looks of it what’s up guys where did.

I come from Canada yeah man overall great stop a quick one we had a beer we had a couple of yous now we run back on the boat trying to manually start this motor here by wrapping a coil around it. And pulling on it, but strong is real the fantasy suite, it’s been a weird day for sure yeah today’s been a little weird for sure like. I’m not complaining, but, you know we haven’t been able to rent a scooter because they said there’s no scooter rentals in town there’s nothing to do with the rodeo because the rodeo is only in April there was nowhere to go.

And rent a horse to go riding. So today has been one of those days where nothing really went as planned but I didn’t expect to go to a beautiful sandbar like that.

And that was pretty cool. So looking at the positives great start no hey Jamie there we go hop on man love dude welcome to the room let me give, you a tour of what sixteen hundred pesos gets, you. And gets, you a bathroom with a parrot on it a picture of Thailand.

And then, this is this Jamie’s bed, you got the whole crews gear on there which is nice what else we got everywhere we go they have a Holy Bible which is nice, it’s either on the bedside table or in this case, it’s just, it’s on the bedside table what else do we have in here we have a TV which is cool show me two slot screwed TCL, it’s they’re actually the same company as a cherry robot we should show them the swamp right out here, it’s like swampy nice that would be my home. I like that Boulder that is a nice Boulder Jamie and. I are doing our last little run them tonight we’re gonna get things off told the tricycle driver we’re on pizza he drove us here.

I don’t know how, it’s gonna be family sized chicken mango pizza seemed a little bit bigger. And the in the menu, this is uh it looks good. I’m gonna be honest.

I’m excited to bite into it but I probably will have to order another one no complaints at 70 pesos that’s like literally a dollar 20. So only in the Philippines there’s no cell phone reception and.

So many of the buildings we’ve been Wow. I go outside. I break the pot.

I go if. I drop my phone and, you kill the chicken the two of us stuff their faces with pizza a couple drinks. And that entire meal it cost us ten dollars.

I give it a pass hey man how are, you just go back to the room essentially if. I could summarize today, it’s just the reality of traveling, you know, you don’t have every day that’s a knock out slam dunk hole-in-one what are some other references of scoring top top cheddar, it’s not that it wasn’t a perfect travel day, but, it’s the reality and, you know, it’s been a good day, but. I’m excited for tomorrow if you’re coming to the Philippines.

I’ve actually made a post guide for, you to show, you how to make the most of your time year. So that, you don’t have days like this today. So if you want to check that out.

I’ve got the five hot tips to the Philippines is link down below, you can click on this little bubble right over here it’ll get, you set up. And if you’re new to my blog check that button right up there click on the comment button. And hopefully.

I will see, you around here for the rest of the Philippines series guys let’s gloss again tomorrow when we go to tikal island. ?

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