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Spirituality, a form ofpassive resistance. This action also mimics pornographic representations on the one hand while, on the other, it emphasizes an intense expression, especially of the artist’s eyes. More significantly, the mouth covering expresses a silencing, a voicelessness, of not being able to speak or be heard. Muslims as a subaltern group are spoken about, but do not always get the chance to be heard.

The politics of representation, looking and being looked at, are significant aspects of the gaze, particularly the white gaze where looking and being looked at reproduce racial power relations’ (Dyer 1997: 45). Abdullah’s gaze stares intently back at the viewer with his brother in the background. The brothers’ lithe half-naked bodies, with their underwear showing, common for young males, has the pornographic quality of Calvin Klein advertisements that is countered by the hard gaze of Abdullah. The representation of two Muslim brothers trades on a new confidence of an ethnicized masculinity and belonging, a new form of respect. Abdullah works in a boxing gym and both brothers have boxed competitively so this might partly explain the narcissistic quality of two young males showing off their bodies and their tattoos. The gym is a safe space away from the white gaze where bodies are the subject of work, or striving for control over the body, just like identity and belonging. In light of this, Them and Us can be viewed in terms of a new confidence concerning Muslim men and masculinity.

Franklin to Peter Collinson, dated October 19, 1752, Fortaleza Subway Map in Benjamin Franklin Representative Selections, With Introduction, Bibliography, and Notes, edited by Frank Luther Fortaleza Subway Map Mott and Chester E. Jorgenson New York: Country Book, 1936. Correspondence of Benjamin Franklin 1752, 1753, 1769 Source: Benjamin Franklin, The Writings of Benjamin Franklin, edited by Albert Henry Smyth New York: Macmillan Company, 19051907. The Magical Circle Benjamin Franklin corresponded with learned men of his day, and his letters reveal his wide-ranging interests. He communicated regarding experiments on electricity with the scientifically oriented London merchant Peter Collinson. Here, in a letter to Collinson, Franklin shares his mathematical magical circle algorithm.

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