France – Top Places to Visit When in Glorious Bouches du Rhône in Provence

Located in the Provence-Alpes-C´te d’Azur region, spectacular Bouches du Rh´ne is an absolute must when visiting France. An area of fascinating culture and vast contrasts, it offers majestic mountains, picturesque landscapes immortalised by C©zanne, lush wilderness for nature enthusiasts and stunning coastline for beach lovers. Additionally, it features a number of vibrant cities bursting with a range of interesting things to do and see if you’re after some urban excitement.

One of the best ways to experience the many riches that this department of France has to offer is to rent a luxury villa in Bouches du Rhone in Provence for at least a week, because there are so many wonders to experience.

The following guide will give you a useful overview of some of the top places to visit when holidaying in this unforgettable part of the world.


Located to the north, the spectacular Alpilles offers a panoramic view of the rich, verdant valleys of Provence, bursting with lush woodlands, carefully cultivated vineyards, olive groves and almond trees. Local hill-top villages, shepherds tending their flocks and the evening lull of cicadas are all part of the delightful charm of the area. With its untamed natural beauty and proudly preserved traditions, the Alpilles is a must if you want to get a feel for authentic Provence.


The site of an ancient Roman metropolis, Arles reflects Provence in all its refined splendour. This area is encapsulated by natural features of exceptional beauty, including the banks of the River Rh´ne, the plains of Crau and the scintillating Alpilles. The likes of Van Gogh and Gauguin were inspired by the striking beauty of Arles to create a number of memorable art pieces depicting it. What’s more, Arles is a world renowned centre for professional photography which attracts hoards of visitors annually, and it is also known for being the gateway to the wild splendour of the Camargue.


Located just south of Arles where the Rh´ne meets the Mediterranean Sea, the Camargue is a magnificent wild nature park spanning 85,000 hectares and a paradise for migratory birds such as pink flamingos, majestic herons and rare cormorants. This vast expanse, which includes stunning beaches, lets you step back in time and forget about the stressful modern world. It is famous for being home to the fascinating preserved cultures of the Gypsies and Camargue Cowboys, along with the renowned ferias’ (bull runs) and bull fights which are held in the very same arena that hosted the Roman games in the first century. One of the best ways to explore this outstanding area of the Bouches du Rh´ne is on horseback you’ll never forget it.


Thought of by many as the Mediterranean Gateway, Marseille is the second largest French city after Paris and boasts the largest port in France. Although it is located in the Bouches du Rh´ne region of Provence, this cosmopolitan city is one of the oldest in France (it was founded in 600 BC by the Greek sailors of Phocaea) and has a wonderfully complex flavour all to itself. Famous for its picturesque Old Town, the unforgettable cliff road high above the sea and delicious Bouillabaisse to name but a few attractions, you could visit Marseille many times and still have tons to discover. Additionally, this fabulous city is rich in culture, art and science it features hundreds of must-see cultural events annually.


Stretching from Marseille to Cassis, the Calanques is a series of intriguing inlets and is classified as the only site of its kind in Europe it features captivating canyons, sculpted ridges, white rocks dramatically lashed by waves and impressive rocky cliffs which rise 400 metres above the sea. This spectacular area can only be visited exclusively by boat or foot, but the effort is well worth it.


It’s a good idea to rent a luxury villa in Bouches du Rhone in Provence for at least a week, so you can be sure to sample just some of the many must-see wonders waiting around every corner.

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