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If the bird isn’t injured or in any immediate danger, often it’s best to leave it alone magpies are ground feeders, so chances are the chick is just learning to feed itself and its family is foraging for a meal not far away.

Here’s when you’ll need to take most care; maggies won’t hesitate to swoop potential predators and this includes innocent humans. Swooping behaviour usually only lasts about six weeks during breeding season while they’re protecting their young, but if you’re on the receiving end, it’s six weeks too long!

However, sometimes chicks do need a hand. Last year in October, residents of the Canberra suburb of Evatt and local firefighters rescued a nest of orphaned magpie chicks. The birds are now doing well with a team of carers from ACT Wildlife who are handfeeding them with insects and teaching them how to survive in the wild. Watch Better Homes and Gardens TV on 12 February when Dr Harry says hello to them.

With a total population of 248,000 inhabitants Graz is Austria’s second largest city and the capital of the Province of Styria. It lies on the river Mur. Right in the middle of the city the Schlossberg Hill rises. Graz offers a lot of tourist attractions: one of Central Europe’s best preserved old towns, pictoresque squares, narrow and romantic lanes and a variety of beautiful buildings from all periods. It is also very important as an industrial city with numerous industrial plants: building machinery, rolling stock, motorcycles and cars. Twice a year, in spring and in autumn, the well-kown Graz Trade Fair International takes place.

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