Why Guys Lie On Dating App Profiles

His bio said he’s 1,9m but in person he needed a booster seat. Dating app Hinge recently coined a term for fibbing to make yourself seem more attractive: ‘kittenfishing’ (not to be confused with catfishing, which is assuming a whole new identity). Digital-age intimacy and relationships expert Robert Weiss breaks down the reasons a man might try to dupe you.

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He has low self-esteem and hoped that once you met him, you wouldn’t notice the traits he tried to hide.

He just wants to bone. He figured you might choose to ignore his white lie and take him home.

He thought that if you fell for him online first, his stretch of the truth wouldn’t matter after so much time. IF HE CATFISHED YOU (1) He tried to gain your trust so he could use or manipulate you for his own needs.

He wanted to cheat on his current SO without getting caught.

He presented himself however he wanted to lure in an online-only GF.

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