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Perhaps they would be replaced by a motor-driven water Harbin Map Tourist Attractions pump. I should have liked to stay in one of the riverbank villages for the night Harbin Map Tourist Attractions , but this is forbidden to foreigners. The problem is not so much that you’d be in trouble with the authorities, but that your hosts would be punished in some way. So I returned to Zhong Wei and put in my normal appearance at dinner in the hotel – half a fish, rice and a sugared omelette. The major domo wouldn’t let me sit with the Chinese. On the first day when I had joined them he had asked me to move.

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The resulting effect creates a strange duality of both privatized and collective social experience. This double identity is further split because the noise and the immersive experience can create a form of internal retreat and revelry amidst the noise and motion. This state, however, is continually interrupted by a forced recognition and interaction, through vibration and noise, with the external topography: the texture of the road, the speed of the car and the direction of travel.

Arguing that the interior space of the car is not hermetically sealed from the outside world, sociologist Michael Bull identifies how soundscapes of automobility connect people to the here and now of time and spaces (2004: 250). For example, singing in the car enacts a privatized bubble of experience that people construct around the act of driving. This space, however, is disrupted continually through an awareness of others looking in on this private’ space. The space of the car is private and public, individual and social. This duality is part of a complex range of connections and disconnections between the interior and exterior spaces of the car that construct a variety of relationships to time and space, which Gasoline Music amplifies.

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