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Jeff’s royal Oh sorry that’s an old reference hey guys hey we are indeed on it vote today yes because we are leaving the North Island sailing across the Cook Strait welcome to picton. And the South Island this morning we are doing kind of a drive by city tour of Christchurch now. I’m sure a lot of, you guys know about all the earthquakes that happen here and.

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I surely know about other, it’s great to happen here because last time. I was here was in January. So it was right before the second earthquake that really shook up a lot of the city anyway.

And most of, it’s been walked off and, you can’t actually get to it very eerie feeling, you get when, you look at the town because it was just such a just. So sad when, you see everything that was hi guys. So right now we are driving through arthur’s pass from – basically to get from christchurch all the way to franz joseph area as, you said it is one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand.

I love driving through southern alps, it’s just spectacular now we’re coming up to the part of this past called the roller coaster gets a little bit whiny a little bit up. And down brace yourselves. So right now.

I’m talking about a jade factory to look at some before Jade Jade really important to the American people because they believe that if from this jail part of, you goes into the stone. And then when, you give it someone else they’ll owe its how part of, you with them, it’s very touching very beautiful. ?

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