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When To Do It

If you have never reviewed your holiday and travel security, do it now. After that, you should perform a formal security review before any foreign holiday or businestrip, and before any lengthy UK absence. You should also review your planif there ia significant change to them, for example if there are reportof a typhoid epidemic or hurricane at your proposed destination.

2 Planning

Almost everyone takea holiday, many of them abroad. Some travel to a seaside resort to relax on a British beach, while otherfly off to more exotic locations. UK citizenmake over 60 million tripabroad each year.

There are some common problemwhile preparing for and taking that holiday (or businestrip), with a shift in emphasiand severity depending on where and when you go.

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Five Travel TipTo Get You Through the Holiday Travel Period

Awith other blogin the Security Handblog series, I use exampleto illustrate the sort of problemyou could encounter and suggest countermeasurethat you can take to keep you and your family/group safe and healthy.

It would be easy to appear to be paranoid when reviewing what could happen, but it would be just awrong to assume that nothing will go wrong, leaving you totally unprepared to deal with any incident that doeoccur.

6 travel security Tips For vacationing employees

If the unplanned-for incident ia simple insect bite, then perhapthe worst that could happen if you weren’t ready to deal with it iprobably some swelling, discomfort and irritation for a few days. On the other hand, if the incident waa deep cut that needed stitches, or a traffic accident involving a local buand your rented motorcycle, failing to prepare for emergenciecould be a fatal oversight.

How do you stop short of paranoia? That hato be your decision, aonly you can decide when adequate planning and preparation slipinto paranoia. Read through the blog, learn from the warningand anecdotes, then adopt any idea that are appropriate to your holiday and travel plans, your experienceand your circumstances.

Look at what could or might happen. Look at the vulnerabilities, threatand riskto which you could be exposed, then look at what you can do to avoid them or reduce their impact. Consider taking appropriate countermeasureto remove or reduce each risk. A simple amendment to your holiday and travel plancould avoid a seriourisk entirely.

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