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Good evening everybody welcome back to the pass here in Bolivia we’re actually leaving we’re doing a night bus, and going to suppress. So praise the prayer I think, I’m saying arrived yeah. So we’re just gonna be perpetuating an 11 out at night bus, I’ll give you guys a room tour alright I think it’s one of these double deckers where half of it is luggage it’s great this looks super comfy yeah look are you ready oh wow, and then watch this though you break the light see you guys in 12 hours 13 hours later four hours sleep, and we’ve made up how’s everyone holding up sorry prisoner it’s amazing guys we’ve had our breakfast, and we’ve come back to our retail we’re staying at hostel sucre, and it is so cute, and this is one of my favorite places we’ve been to. So far it is so nice here he comes through here we have a little courtyard it looks.

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So like colonial Spanish here look at this oh yeah he said it was from the 17th century this building even has a little fountain, and then our room is over here oh wait Thomas sees everything they show me two bad guys you won’t believe it we have no no no just on this trip, and then it comes with a little bathroom again messy. But it’s the cutest hotel. But now we’re gonna have a little nap, and then a three o’clock we’re meeting up with everyone for a walking tour. But we need a rest 14 hours in a bus, and now I really pull from breakfast, I’m like okay rest time, and then it’s fall time we’ve all had our naps, and now we’ve walked all the way off to try find the best viewpoint of sucre, and it is a very beautiful city bigger than I thought it would be. Because walked up this almost died such a difference coming from La Paz which was an insanely busy city this one is like way smaller, and it’s kind of cool just coming out to this courtyard, and kids playing soccer dance group just practicing their else’s living their lives here it’s really really unique just straight from the courtyard there’s like a little market place here Jess just went to the pharmacy she’s not feeling too good. So just got some comple tablets. But you don’t need a prescription to get any sort of like medication here in this country which is which is interesting okay.

So, I’m feeling a little bit tired. So I just wanted to apologize. But I don’t know how you guys have here if you’re feeling a bit low this is going to make you happy here the traffic guards on the Zephyr our actual zebras they pretty much control the flow they do a little dance, and they like help you cross the road it is such an amazing concept now that’s not gonna brighten up your day today I don’t know what’s going to love other local bakeries just this dude selling a box full of baked goods we’re doing a picnic tomorrow. Because you’re going on a hike. So just not to like the local Logan market to get some fresh fruit this is just a chef’s dream right yeah it is all laid out you just grab what you want, and it’s dirt cheap the lady that we’re getting up some others from is just like drowned in all her food she’s made use of the cheese I love the market come to me you know to solve any tired day a visit to a Chocolate Factory we just found a street lined with chocolate bars, and we decided to get this one. Because it’s got salt from the salt flats drier I’ve never had a soda chocolate tomorrow night Hey guys the next day, and half the group currently have a cold including me. So when we taking it easy today first things first is we want to go, and get a nice coffee we have a favorite little coffee spot for cafe Metro the reason we like it is.

Because there are over 20 types of coffees you can choose from, and even better they’re very good Wi-Fi which is very much against our paragraph this little puppy hates the bit he’s took a cute this is the one guys Metro cafe, and it’s right by the Plaza which is behind this bus right now Plaza good coffee will good Wi-Fi we are going on a hike to a village, and this village is kind of special. Because it is located inside a crater which is pretty cool. So I think it’s like a two-hour hike do we get there as you guys since you’re actually doing a bit of the Inca Trail which is in this section of the Inca Trail. Because it starts in Colombia, and walks all the way down to Peru yes of course is the classic Inca Trail which some of the people did on our trip in Peru a few weeks ago. But you guys didn’t know there’s like inca trails stretching all the way through South America I think they can range between like thousands to tens of thousands of kilometers just stretch through. So technically we’re on the Inca Trail courses probably not the Inca Trail you guys are thinking of. But yeah it’s a still really beautiful hike here quite a way up it’s nice of them to drop us off at the top, and we’re gonna walk away towards the crater also look what happens I like post for like two seconds, and already behind the crew this is what happens when we block me as always right at the end of the entire here in the village they have a Catholic Church services once a month be super easy being Catholic yeah.

So you’ve just hiked to this village Muro agua as I should call crater de Mer, I’ll go up. Because, I’m pronouncing it wrong. But. Because we’re actually in a crater volcanic crater at the moment it erupted, and then it kind of sunk into itself, and they built a village around yeah looks like a ghost town look at everyone just hiking up over there yeah I think I’ve ever been in a town that’s in a crater before just found the perfect spot for picnic it’s called Devil’s mouth if you never look here you’ll always see the teeth hanging mouth there, and there’s a bit of a waterfall around the corner it’s a good spot this is inside the devil’s mouth it’s a bit of a small cave I know got the devil’s lozenger going on right now wow it’s really cool really oh I love all this the teeth there. So if my teeth looked like the four braces we all didn’t deserve those milkshakes they were good we should deserve them go in our Medina bus going on the diner for us rt1 sometimes terse things just look. So good you need to do it, and two dynasties will we’ve found the Bolivian Jurassic Park Park a Cretaceous entering the Jurassic time machine they’ve made all these dinosaurs, and they’re all into scale oh look how big that one is these seats in the trees like imagine if we had animals that’d be roaming around how many times we’ve been to die dinosaur museums. But we still love it every time okay don’t worry guys we aren’t just coming to a little museum to see some dinosaur replicas it’s actually really cool right here in Bolivia they have the largest collection of dinosaur footprints what happens is as you can probably hear, and see there’s a factory just here two cement factory, and like while they were getting some of the materials they came across some dinosaur footprints which is insane.

Because we’ve never seen real dinosaur footprints before one hour a day the factory closes down, and lets us go in to see the dinosaur footprints they’re trying to get UNESCO to come in here, and make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So that they can preserve all of these. But in the meantime we’re lucky enough that they closed it for one hour. So we can go, and see the footprints just look how far this rock face spans us with all the footprints going up all the way up there this is the biggest footprints they have on site it was the giant replica that we saw that we walked under before on the kinda looks like a brontosaurus. So big.

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