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The weather turned British today. It rained for 12 hours solid. I have noticed that everything in America is bigger, the cars, houses, farms, bugs, people and also the weather. The rain isn’t just a shower, it’s torrential, clothes soaking, road blocking down pours. The difference between the UK and the US is that they are prepared for it over here. Their drainage systems work pretty well. The contrast between days is huge. Yesterday we crawled up a bone dry storm drain, today there was a river flowing down the drains. The small creeks that run along the old highway were now raging torrents. The running has been good today, pain moves through my body from day to day but at the moment it’s manageable. I even managed a race against Helen in the RV afer 45 miles up hill. I didn’t win. My last half marathon was timed at 1.57, not bad after 37 miles of hard running and rain.

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Last night was the best nights sleep I’ve had on the RV much cooler, probably getting ready for the early morning storms. I enjoyed running in the rain, it was a welcome change. Kerry ran the early morning miles with me before jumping in the van to watch her beloved Sheffield Wednesday. Helen ran with me for a while although her extra mileage from yesterday hurt. As Helen and I ran this morning we were met by a procession of Harley Davidsons, each one waving and pipping their horns. Brilliant. It was great to have these guys as company while the rain thundered down.

In the animated film Cars they describe the interstate as ploughing through the landscape and destroying the businesses on Route 66. It’s not until you are here you see how true that is. The old highway flows with the landscape. It’s dips and dives and meanders with the land. The interstate parallel to this just drives straight through the heart of the country. It’s quite sad to see the boarded up buildings and fuel pumps out of service. We stopped at an old fuel pump today, braving the weather for a quick picture.

So far we have completed 1853.5 miles. I just stare at that number! It’s incredible. I’m back on the bike tomorrow for the next two days. I’ve got to cover 300 miles in two days. We have looked at the forecast for New Mexico, 41 degrees. Wow. As we move west people seem to make more of a big deal of Route 66. We have passed a number of towns today; Hydro, Weatherford, Clinton all of which had museums or monuments for Route 66.

Tonight we are whizzing our way back to Oklahoma City to collect the final member of our team. I know we are all ready for a fresh face to join the team

As I run I have time to think, you could go crazy, maybe I already am I hope to myself that even if

one person is inspired to go running then I’ll be a happy man. It’s my hope that one student that I teach sees this and thinks, wow, i can do something amazing. I hope it makes my students and anyone reading this, to think, I need to dream big!

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