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I slowly walked into the different sections of the third floor finally stopping across the hall from solitary. The old cells in this section are filled with a collection of historical artifacts. I called out a few questions, attempting to solicit a response from any spirits that might remain. But, as so often occurs, a noticeable response was not heard. I returned to solitary and walked into the back cell.

Scrawled on the wall were the words, “I love Sue.” I considered that for a moment and wondered out-loud if Sue loved him back. It was then I heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Lorena was returning.

Lorena suggested we begin an EVP session in the cell called the hole. She closed the solid door behind us and for a moment I felt the prickling sensation of claustrophobia. That vanished, however, when I turned to see the Halloween-masked dummy sitting in a corner. Cute.

Lorena checked EMF levels in the room then began the session. “We don’t mean you any harm. We’re just here to talk to you.”

She continued with questions designed to get a response. “Did you like being in this jail?” “Did you die here?”

Its foundation stone was laid in 1868, twenty years after Hyderabad Map Tourist Attractions the founding of Lancing College itself by Nathaniel Woodard, then curate at Shoreham, and to whom Hyderabad Map Tourist Attractions the chapel is a testament. It was built over a mixture of clay and flint, so the foundations had to be taken down 60 feet to the chalk.

The style of the chapel is early-fourteenth-century English Gothic, with thirteenth-century French influences. Its outstanding features are its painted ceiling, the stunning stained glass Rose Window at the west end of the chapel, completed in 1978, and the magnificent tapestries above the High Altar, a miracle of painstaking handiwork, with their gilded figures and red backgrounds.

They were designed by a Lady Chilston and woven at Merton Abbey in 1933; until the new tapestries at Coventry Cathedral were made, they were the biggest in England and are still among the largest in the world, measuring 35 feet high by 10 feet wide. Pevsner was less than kind about them, calling them ‘hopelessly weak’.

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