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Urbain Le Verrier From Iran

The tomb of Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier speaks to his profession of a mathematician who specialized in the study of celestial mechanics (a branch of astronomy that deals with the motion of celestial objects). He spent most of his working life at the city Observatory, eventually becoming the director. His name is one of 72 names on the Eiffel Tower. Although he had a number of achievements in the field of astronomy, he is best remembered for mathematically predicting the existence of the planet Neptune. Le Verrier’s name is also attached to a crater on the moon, a crater on Mars, a ring of Neptune and a 1997 asteroid, Leverrier. The globe atop his tomb is circled by a ring containing the symbols of the zodiac.

While the most famous instance of widespread hysteria over witchcraft occurred in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, accusations and trials of witches began earlier in the century. Iran Metro Map Prior to the trials at Salem, there were nearly 100 incidents of witchcraft accusations or trials, with about 80 percent occurring after 1648 and resulting in the executions of more than two dozen people. Others were punished for their involvement with magic by banishment and whippings. A petition by ten women accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, appeals for their release on bayle, lest they perish with cold. Some are fettered with irons, and all are weake and infirme. Hundreds had been arrested. (Library of Congress, LC-MSS-12021-1) The series of trials for witchcraft that occurred in Salem are the best documented of the colonial era. The episodes began with the accusation of witchcraft by several young girls in Salem, who began experiencing fits that were believed to be the work of witches. After the girls began naming their tormentors, trials began, and six women were subsequently convicted and hanged.

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