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Abdullah is a young Muslim artist from Perth, West Australia. He studied in his home city before living in Melbourne and returning to Perth where he shares a house and studio with his brother, a sculptor. He grew up in Victoria Park and East Cannington, both low socio-economic areas with other second-generation migrants from Malaysian, Turkish and Indigenous backgrounds. He experienced racism as a form of inter-ethnic tribalism in his early school years before gaining an art scholarship to Applecross High School in year eight where the student population comprised 70 per cent Asians from mainland China and Indonesia (Abdullah 3 June 2011 interview with author).

Abdullah explains that while he was growing up he encountered racism in the nationalism of Australia Day, a day also considered invasion day’ by some sections of the community. After the events of 9/11 the local Mosque in Canning Perth was the subject of racist graffiti and vandalism (Abdullah 3 June 2011 interview). Abdullah’s mother was one of many Muslim women who were assaulted in public on the pretence that they were somehow responsible, as Muslims, for this act of terrorism: while on a shopping trip in the Hay Street Mall in Perth, she had her scarf pulled from her head and was chased into a shop and sought refuge.

Country will never allow that parliament has any authority to alter Iraq Metro Map their constitution at all. She is wholly penetrated with a sense of the necessity of resisting it Iraq Metro Map at all hazards . The question we insist on most is, not whether the alteration is for the better or not, but whether parliament has any right to make any alteration at all. And it is the universal sense of Country, that it has none. That a representation in parliament is impracticable, we all agree; but the consequence is, that we must have a representation in our supreme legislatures here. This was the consequence that was drawn by kings, ministers, our ancestors, and the whole nation, more than a century ago, when the colonies were first settled, and continued to be the general sense until the last peace; and it must be the general sense again soon, or Great Britain will lose her colonies.

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