Is That the Asia You’ve Been Taught to Expect?

Is That the Asia You’ve Been Taught to Expect?

So, have I learned my lesson? I sure hope so. Once again the myths that I’d been fed and consumed proved to be baseless, destructive, unfounded, and in many cases downright foolish or decades out of date.

With this chapter, I hope insights into my personal challenges help you explore and establish a baseline for your own concerns or subliminal prejudices. Consider the myths you’ve been raised with and internalized. Explore in your own mind the opportunities that are out there once you conquer these myths and dismiss them From Europe to the Americas to Africa, the Middle East, Asia or somewhere in between the reality is almost never what we’ve been led to expect.

When we stoke our fears and biases by consuming and perpetuating these myths, we risk engaging in self-fulfilling prophecy at worst or missed and delayed opportunities at best. I absolutely loved my time in Asia so much so that after avoiding the region for years, I’ve returned three times in the past two years.

Fear is part of what makes travel rewarding, but, only when we acknowledge and face it in a way that lets us learn from it. Building towards that mastery can also be crippling, particularly when we wait to face it. Time and time again, what travel teaches us is an important life lesson the things and outcomes we fear are often far worse in our heads than in reality. The truth of the moment is much more often rewarding, educational and far from traumatic. It is something that enriches us as individuals.

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