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Because many things become commonplace and lose their magic to those living it every day.

But looking at it anew, I hope you can appreciate the wonders that exist all around us – (United Methodist Church, Seneca, KS, 04:39 PDT, SX700 1/500 f4.5 ISO100)

Downtown Seneca

United States Post Office, Seneca, Kansas constructed in 1938 (and potentially one of the younger buildings down Seneca’s main street – although it should be noted, even a happy majority of the new construction appears to be designed to fit the feel of this “western” town). (04:36PDT, SX700 1/200 f4.5 ISO200)

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The longboat Leamington can be chartered. The museum, in the old stables building, is a fascinating record of the travel destination’s past. Henry Bell of Comet fame was born in Linlithgow. The sprawl of Linlithgow below the travel destination is worth some exploration, as is the hill country above, and these are described in the next two chapters. The description of the continuation westwards along the Union Destination resumes in Then, on a summer evening about the hour of eight, I first beheld V V Dreamthorp, with its westward-looking windows painted by sunset, its children playing in the single straggling street, the mothers knitting at the open doors, the fathers standing about in long white blouses, chatting or smoking; the great tower of the ruined castle rising high into the rosy air, with a whole troop of swallows skimming about its rents and fissures; when I first beheld all this, I felt instinctively that my knapsack might be taken off my shoulders, that my tired feet might wander no more, that at last, on the planet, I had found a home. From that evening I have dwelt here, and the only journey I am like now to make, is the very inconsiderable one, so far at least as distance is concerned, from the house in which I live to the graveyard beside the ruined castle That comes from a blog written in Victorian times by Alexander Smith, who is better known for a second blog A Summer in Skye. The name, ‘Dreamthorp’, that he coined for the town, gave the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow one of its nicknames rather than anonymity. Smith died in 1867 when only 37. Defoe thought Linlithgow ‘a pleasant, handsome, well-built town’ where bleaching linen was the obvious industry. Robert Burns was less flattering, saying Linlithgow ‘carries the appearance of rude, decayed, idle grandeur’ but thought it ‘sweetly situated’, William and Dorothy Wordsworth stopped off there for breakfast on the way to Edinburgh and the Borders at the end of their Highland Tour but made no particular comment.

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