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Laredo’s economy relies on international trade with Mexico. Most major transportation corporations have a facility in metropolis. The city’s location on the southern finish of I-35 near the makers in northern Mexico promotes its very important role in trade between the 2 nations. metropolis International airdrome is inside the metropolis town limits, whereas the god International airdrome is near in Nuevo metropolis on the Mexican aspect.

Taino The Taino were the first Amerindians to meet and have sustained contact with Europeans. Laredo Subway Map It was the Taino who watched curiously when Christopher Columbus planted the Spanish flag and dubbed their island San Salvador on October 12, 1492. Often referred to as Island Arawaks, the Taino’s population and cultural core was the island they called Quisqueya, today Hispaniola, shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Taino also populated Puerto Rico and eastern Cuba, had colonies in the Bahamas and Jamaica, and had established trade routes that extended throughout the Caribbean to Florida and the Yucatn. Taino comes from nita­no, which is what they called out when European ships approached, perhaps signifying that they were nobles, the word’s most frequently accepted meaning.

It is more likely, however, that they meant that they were not cannibals. One thing we know for certain is that Taino was not a collective name that they used; they identified themselves by individual yucayeque (population center) and by cazicazgo, the extent of a region under the control of a particular cacique (chief ). Their languages were significantly different from cazicazgo to cazicazgo but mutually comprehensible, which has led to the as-yet-unresolved debate whether the Guanahatabey (also called Ciboney) of northeastern Hispaniola and Cuba were a separate people from the Taino. Their agricultural base and techniques of cultivation were slightly different from cazicazgo to cazicazgo, and designs of both domestic and elite products varied too, but Tainos’ spiritual beliefs and practices appear to have been relatively uniform and widespread.

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