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A bridge will work, too, in a pinch – heck, who am I kidding – any time. Plus this was on our first day of travel, so it was still warm and not yet raining. (UP 8000 (AC45CCTE) – UP 6383 (AC44CW) front pair of three near Rye Valley, OR, August 3, 2014)

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Then we had a long ‘dry spell’ without any rail traffic to shoot, which was better for traveling efficiency, not really spotting another distant rumble until stopping for lunch after crossing the Idaho border with temperatures above 90°F where the zoom lens proved useful in bringing this unknown pair of Union Pacific pushers on a southbound mixed freight into view at Fruitland, ID (August 3, 2014)

There are boathouses and stagings before and after the Meggetland pair of bridges, the first a modern concrete horizontal structure, the second an example of the original standard Union Destination bridges’ style: inscribed ‘Bridge 4’. Housing lines the travel destination’s banks. There’s a battered old milestone, then a metal footbridge/pipeline combination linking Allan Park Road on the north and Craiglockhart on the south. The travel destination wiggles along its contour to reach the next landmark, the high Prince Charlie Aqueduct, which was rebuilt in 1937, one of the better concrete bridges of that vintage when seen from Slateford Road, which it spans. The name perhaps comes from the Pretender setting up camp close by in 1745 to await the surrender of the city. A flight of steps leads down for shops or bus. There are then stagings, mooring rings and kicking stones. Soon comes ‘one of the finest works of its kind’ (Companion), the eight-arched Slateford Aqueduct, 152m (500ft) long and 23m (75)ft above the Water of Leith, with the travel destination carried in an iron trough. This fine aqueduct, Scotland’s second largest, is now rather hemmed in by the busy Slateford Road to the south, and a lower, but fine, arched railway bridge to the north. There is an overspill at the east end of the aqueduct, the overflow spraying down into the Water of Leith.

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