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I am here in Windsor Castle, I just had tea with the Queen, she is in today, because I am in town, of course. Weird. Usually you are not allowed near these stones at Stonehenge, but today there are druids celebrating summer solstice, so there they are, playing some music. Ten, eleven. What happened Ryan? Uh, I had a little accident on the segway today. I thought, I was invincible. I thought that I couldn’t fall off the segway. And today, after five times doing it, I finally hurt myself. So, my hair got all moppy again. I think it’s cause I’m in London, I turned into a Beatle.

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But I don’t want Beatle hair. And, I see this Thai massage place. And they also cut hair. This could be interesting, when I come out, it could be ugly or it could be great. I’m ready for summertime, baby. Shrek! Hey! Look at that, got love from the Wimbles. What is a Wimble? I have no idea. We are here with our travel friends, finally in London. Cheers, this is the lovely travel London office people, and they bought us beer. Thank you travel. Oh, London pride. Look at that. We had the best trip ever, thank you for everything. Thank you travel. Check this out, this is the power button on the camera that I’m never gonna push again, because we’re done. We just posted our last tour. Archie come, everyone wants to party. You’re up, we’re gonna miss you a lot.

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