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Mr. Boltzius, who has furnished such extraordinary extracts in Manchester Map Tourist Attractions some accounts of Georgia, published here, will be too evident from some of the annexed depositions Manchester Map Tourist Attractions to call for any descant. The pretended content and satisfaction of the people of Ebenezer, without negroes, will plainly appear to be the dictates of spiritual tyranny, and only the wretched acquiescence of people, who were in truth unacquainted with the privilege of choosing for themselves.

It is acknowledged indeed that the present war, and late invasion, may furnish the enemies of the colony with the most plausible objections that could occur, against the allowance of black slaves; but these reasons have not always existed, nor have the trustees ever declared any resolution to admit them, at any other juncture. But if it plainly appears that Georgia, as a colony, cannot barely exist without them, surely an admission of them under limitations, suitable to the present situation of affairs, is absolutely necessary to its support; since want and famine must be more dreadful and insuperable invaders, than any living enemy: besides, the honorable trustees were informed by a letter from Mr. Stirling and others, of the falsehood, of the contended and comfortable situation of the people of Darien were affirmed to be in; and that they were brought with a number of cattle, and extensive promises of future rewards, when they signed their petition against negroes .

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