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It’s raining now. Luckily I carry an umbrella with me when I travel, when it rains Okay, we are trying Tanghulu It’s fruit, but mine is covered in sugar The fruit is really good. I almost wish i didn’t get it covered in sugar Legitimately, this is phenomenal. It taste like this fruit like this fake fruit and its real fruit and its amazing. Beijing party central. There is a lot of bars here Beijing party central Subways are amazing.

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They are very easy to navigate once you learn how to navigate the subway. Even in foreign languages. Here in Beijing they are all in English Actually I think Beijing subways are some of the nices subways in the world that I’ve ever seen. So pretty. We are having some bubble tea There are crunchy bit in it. Don’t really know what that is I moved away from the tourist area, and now I am in the street market? All I am trying to do is find this park because it is supposed to be really pretty There are different kinds of lost. Lost, like you completely have no idea where you are, Lost like kind of know roughly where you are, you just can’t get to where you want to go. Definitely found it, but I don’t know how to get to it This is pretty much a locals exercising park and there there is me with a selfie stick.

Good job Nadine So we were just at Longtan Lake and we are heading to Wangfujing street, It like a really big popular street here in Beijing that has all of the crazy weird foods. This is the shopping district. There is tons of shops Anything you could possibly want to buy It’s definitely a popular place to be So this is the end of my Beijing trip. I hope you enjoyed this series, and if you did please let me know and because there is a lot more postging as you can tell So if you want more of this, let me know. Don’t forget to comment to my blog for more travels and all that jazz. I’ll see you again in a few days time with another video. Bye.

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