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One stop along the Stuart that is always a certainty for us is marvellous Mataranka. There is always time to stop in for a cool dip at Mataranka!

Whether you stay for just a quick half hour or a week or more, Mataranka will work its magic and settle your soul.

Mataranka is perhaps best known for its thermal pool, made famous with the help of Jeanne Gunn’s hypnotising We Of The Never Never. Make sure to read the book before your visit to deepen your perception of this place.

There’s plenty to sink your teeth into at Mataranka, especially the bizarre waterfalls created by build-ups of minerals, not to mention the next-level fishing and boating on the Waterhouse and Little Roper Rivers.

Our favourite way to get lost at Mataranka is with hours on end at Bitter Springs where we float on noodles down the warm stream, only to hop out and do it again and again.

Outside of this experience, the highlight is being camped at Territory Manor, where we feed the barramundi and peacocks and watch the brolgas waltz around like they own the place.

Lorella Springs Wilderness Park

Make no mistake, this place is a serious touring gold mine. Lorella Springs is a private property along the Savannah Way in Northern Territory’s Gulf Country. Owner Rhett Walker and his family share their one million acres with all adventurers.

Lorella Springs has a main campground with warm croc-free springs that lie between the bar and your bed. Lorella is deserving of National Park status, we are thankful though that it is managed by a caring and dedicated family. This means visitors are welcome to stay anywhere on the property, are free to explore the pristine land as if it were their own, and can even bring their dog along for the adventure. On Lorella Springs you will find caves full of butterflies, hidden gorges with deep plunge pools, a beach, epic 4WDing, billabongs chockablock with barra and crocs, stunning rock formations, and numerous hot springs to repair your aching limbs.

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