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Hey everybody we’re here on our last day at the Wildlife Sanctuary, and we had a few requests of wanting to be in the post. So here they all are especially this guy got a little baby in its pouch hey she does have a little Joey in there. But you can’t really see her at the moment well just assign a little friend there’s also friend behind you as well jess is just the wallaby in kangaroo Queen right now there’s some followers not a bed they just don’t care about us anymore all right oh just taking the alpacas out for a bit of their morning walk get some sunshine everyone’s has been alerted that you have just rescued a baby koalas are quickly going to go, and have a look that’s exciting if you just don’t like seeing them guys that was literally the cherry on top of this incredible three days that we’ve been here oh my goodness Cena baby koalas. So close none of us could touch the Koala. Because it’s in full quarantine.

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Because they just found it last night. But are those. So cool such an incredible way to end this place. But we are pretty much now packing our bags, and we’re off to Melbourne they like this entire trip between the training trip. Because the train across Australia train up here now we’re heading back I feel like I’ve said this already back again where it all began exact attorneys nation that was so easy to get into the city like eight minutes from Sydney central to the domestic airport honestly wish that all cities did this. So he got like super scared about our luggage we booked originally for twenty kilos, and then I tried picking it up today, and luckily we were managed to change it to 30 kilograms fingers crossed that was enough moral of the story we end up weighing, I’m glad we got that extra luggage we doin an alibi Sydney we just have like the emergency feet sorry guys no posting outside which we forward the window we try to put of a different holiday thing with enjoy that have you guys enjoyed the volunteering stuff in you ha leave us Malone’s weekend welcome it up you know the last time we’re in Melbourne yeah I know that was a bit last time we were here was at first look like Hawaii we landed in my head oh we’re in Melbourne is that I would heard that’s a photo in all year not that sort of look old by the way it is recovery Oh get this heaviest bag ever we just got into Melvin, and we’re catching a tram to go ahead, and dinner of course our first stop in Melbourne had to be the famous Flinders Street Station we’ll show you more in the morning we aren’t going here for dinner we’re going to Chinatown bar this is the first McDonald’s I’ve come across that actually calls it Macker this is incredible, and maybe tomorrow we can get a cheeky ice cream from it just.

Because, I’m so important who is on my dad’s side. So my dad’s brothers daughter taking us out for Chinese food we’ve gone to a dumpling house this is Melinda no sir. But yeah we’ve got like 40 dumplings right here this looks incredible good like fried, and steamed I don’t know where to start. But this looks good yeah we gave him everyone has gone to bed. So I thought I’d end it with of melbourne which we are going to explore over the next few days thanks so much for reading give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed the post, and leave a comment below on what you want us to see in Melbourne.

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