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This post is starting in Los Angeles California it’s going to end in Monaco a world away for the Grand Prix what happens in between that’s unknown that’s the good stuff that’s the spice of life, and over here of the Thai luck is the tie straight I was looking for this suit, and I was looking for something with a bit more pop you know not just like a black – or gray suit or navies do I wanted to get a nice colorful suit Hey from Monaco welcome to today’s post we made it I am here in Monaco I am posting a commercial this weekend with his company it looks incredible parameters yeah this is my first time ever in Monaco, and I have to stay oh my.

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So there’s not much you can set a monocle other than it looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, and just the people, and the cars, and the luxury it’s alive Monaco is a lot for this whole post to make sense we had to go back 15 whole hours to Venice Beach California from Hong Kong Venice Venice Beach. So earlier I was talking to a good friend about this other day I feel the most alive right as, I’m about to set off on a big travel journey this post is starting in Los Angeles California it’s going to end in Monaco a world away for the Grand Prix what happens in between that’s unknown that’s the good stuff that’s the spice of life, and a new birth here I arrived at the airport in France I get off the plane there’s a man with my name greeting me he says Oh Bonjour mr. Conover how was your flight s that you know very well a man looks at me in the eye with a smile, and he says to me mr. Conover are you ready for your helicopter ride to Monaco 14 hour flight from Los Angeles to Nice France, and now we have a seven minute helicopter IDIS to Monaco I took a private helicopter to Monaco I just got to my hotel this is the official start of the summer 2018 mini euro trip, I’m going from Monaco to Paris to Germany to hopefully Norway. So four countries in the course of two weeks there is nothing in the world like dome to a brand new place I have to go to a meeting now as the rest of the team I don’t think I can post there let’s get going here Oh trip 2018 starts now started I can’t even hold the camera. Because this suit is sort a lot of time has passed oh there’s a bug on the lens the first shots just got wrapped up, and they look. So good it’s honestly like a tear out of a magazine it’s really fun getting back into fashion, and modeling, and doing jobs like this like commercial job especially now.

Because it’s more. So where I am on the creative side rather than just in front of the camera I like being behind the camera more if there’s oh I have to change out this Who I am something today’s going to be one of those days where it’s a whirlwind we are now down at the harbour say what’s up this is kind of like that last trip I did down the Bahamas it can be very fast kind of random little clips not to jump on this big speed boat right here cruise around see what’s up in Monaco along the coast, and then I believe we’re going to go down to the actual qualifying of the pre. So this is going to be like the whirlwind of the day. But just check this out look how incredible monocle is so this is James he’s working with the brand that, I’m posting this commercial with how are you today, I’m excellent this is also pace is pretty amazing Eric’s here sunshine, and Robbie, and we are happy if you can vibe today just jumped off the boat we are now at the grandstand at the Grand Prix I actually just went on a pit walk down world cars are racers and, I’ll be the first one to admit I don’t know a whole lot about f1 racing walking through the pits, and seeing these cars being these expensive cars, and how much goes into the prep before the race off on Monaco thus far I’ve never seen this much luxury I mean you pull up here there’s yacht there’s maybe 50 super yachts all kind of disasters like Casino Royale villain types walking around in their nice suits it’s definitely very good people reading, I’m taking this all in as you are this is so new for me going to an event like this, I’m about to head up to the suite box see what’s going on up there hopefully have a few you for this campaign it’s broken down at different markets, and my mark is the global market – its myself, and then two other instagramers which what’s your name Justin I got it my name is Corey, and where are you from I am from all the Dutch viewers what’s up oh yeah man we are also joined by the cool little crew kind of really feel much in there. But we are now actually leaving the race probably going to go back to the hotel have a little siesta, and then head to the beach we have left Monaco, and we’re now in France standing at one of the most beautiful yeah this is something else look at that can’t even tell where the sky begins, and the ocean ends I know that sound very cheesy like something I have a Nicholas Sparks novel.

But it’s true this is pretty pretty ridiculous, and we’re going to have dinner right there where that big blue shark is hosting it is now the next morning. So last night turned into one of those nights I posted little bits, and pieces. But not very coherent. So, I’m going to go back, and narrate what happened last night last night was one of the most spontaneous night that has a very very long time good people new friends good to energy good culture just Monaco that’s all I have to say is Monaco. So we left off with that restaurant, and that restaurant was fantastic funny. Because they broke us all down by tables, and now this campaign is global, and it’s broken down into the markets like European there’s the Indian market there’s the what actually Western Europe Eastern Europe our table started out to be easy table you know when you go to a party, and there’s that one table that everyone wants to be at that was our day boy that’s right overhead they were going around from table to table serenading us with their songs, and they were. So good these guys brought so much energy that all escalated very very fast Charlie Charles your love this is the heart love a deep omen again I made a new friend named John one of the most genuine down-to-earth people I have ever met a bunch of us decided to go down to the racetrack.

So what happened is that night the racetrack closes down, and people actually don’t party on the racetrack after like 20 hours, and Monica was not enough to fully experience it, and then the fact that the race was happening it kind of maybe scure I guess the perception I would have of Monaco if I was just coming normally Monaco is a place where, I’m definitely going to come back I feel like I need to come back to do it properly I figured why not I booked an air B&B in Paris my flight to Paris is actually in three hours. So, I’m going to Paris this is the first post of the year trip done at Monaco if you like the monocle post pause it taps thumbs up show me you like this leave a comment down below your favorite part of today’s post, I’m going to be replying to comments in the first few minutes after I posted I will see you in Paris for the next leg of the euro trip 2018. So until the next post everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion I will see you in Paris.

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