Map of Salvador Brazil

So today we’re going to check out some turtles for action here in a fire – birthday Brazil.

And we’re at the Tama project witches. And conservation organization. And visitor center all about the protection of sea turtles.

So giant sea there’s not like masses in girls in the world that would speed up all of them. And two of those had to change the whole realities in 30 years prom shadows being seen as a resource to because, you. And we couldn’t just come.

Map of Salvador Brazil Photo Gallery

And says, you have to stop eating Turtles, you have to stop instead we had to find alternative smarty we started out by employee in the project to actually work for the project right. And then gradually there police got involved too. And nowadays we have 13 workers throughout Brazil.

And 80% of its features they care they have a very long life cycle we estimate that, you live up to 100 years old. So they only reach such a maturity. And age of largest he’s also become essentially mature now that’s why he is separated from the in nature turtles are solitary they don’t live in groups or families.

So they only meet to make the male has also really large they use this to clasp onto the, but because one female can mate with several males. And, it’s a very competitive business. So when the male a spell of female run away she can actually start sperm for over a year.

So when she made she started spell. So in one nest, you can have babies from different fathers well this, it’s right now. I’m looking at the Mafia oh do it again.

So many make sure that guess how many there are good luck seriously good luck fine for the pizza he taught me to remedy that one Pleasure Beach one in three, it’s just. And Stephanie already hard at work absolutely nothing yeah. I don’t know just turned it on.

And there the picture. I’m like that kind of looks like post because that’s where we’re going now. So yeah then

I got stretched and. I try to find out where this picture is from, but we’re still in summer what we’re still itself. ?

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