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My travel story from vacation;

That motivated us to continue reviewing audio. Starting fresh the following Monday, maintaining our ritual of silence, the earphones went on and we began to pick up slight murmurs. Initially, the disembodied voices were such a low decibel they were almost imperceptible.

Most were residual, an imprint energy of a past event. One such example was captured in the hallway outside the assistant keepers’ kitchen.

“Get out Hanson.”

Did the spirit of Keeper Blanchard speak those words as he directed his assistant, William Hanson? Hanson served under Blanchard for many years before taking over the role of lighthouse keeper in 1942.

During the night’s investigation, a recorder was left in the basement. Several EVPs were captured. One residual voice refers to nothing in particular. Brad and a member of his team were checking the portable energy source when this comes across, “You hate someone.”

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