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What’s up Slovenia? Welcome to Ljubljana, Slovenia the start of our LTA, (Live The Adventure) travel group trip around Slovenia This is our first stop In the wintertime, it is so pretty, although cold Let me introduce you to all the crew: Josh, Kristin Laura, Raya, Dave, Louis, Siya We are here with LTA group, chillin like villains today First stop Matelikova As far as I know, there are no inhabitants. But there used to be. Started off as a squat where people actually lived These look like mini Gollum’s. Yea A little creepy. Like the guy from Lord of the Rings. Gollum.That is what I said, they are little Gollums.

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Cheers. Food tour complete. Slovenia food tour Welcome to the courtyard of the Ljubljanski Grad This is the Ljubljana Castle. We made it up here and we are just about to go up to the tower, where we are going go get a view of all of Ljubljana, which is the largest and capital city in Slovenia. It is about 280,000 people give or take. Hopefully we are going to get a view of the entire city, or most of it al least What door? That door, or that door? Or these stairs? Don’t drop the camera, don’t drop the camera. Wow, that is so cool. Now we are going to go. This steps are real cool too. Top of the tower in Ljubljana. This is gorgeous. And the sun is coming out There is a dragon under the flag. What? Let me see See, that air moved it. If it moves again, you can see the dragon. Come on air.

I don’t think that quite worked. We are in the Museum of Illusions Illusions They are the same size Its disco land forever Its infinity disco forever ever The space time continuum That was awesome Good beautiful morning here in Slovenia. It is actually a gorgeous day. Unfortunately, we are not going to be enjoying it all that much, because we are going caving here at Postojna Caves, the number 1 thing to do in Slovenia. I am so excited. I have been here before, but we are going to go into a couple of different caves which I haven’t done. They are just amazing caves systems because it is one of the largest cave systems in Europe. And yea, they await. We are our guides and those are the maps We will have a big adventure today The weather in the cave is around 10 degrees Celsius Suited up for cave You look like a “smurf” Kristin A green smurf The green looks great. Goes with the hat. Welcome to the caves. Welcome to Postojna caves Right now we are 40 meters underground and we are going to be exploring a bunch of different caves Right now we are in the biggest that you come to first Marine organism they deposit on the bottom of the sea and they start to form limestone rocks. So this is sedimentary type of rock This limestone rock is simply uplifted to the surface This happened 5 to 6 million years ago, and the caves form by dissolution of the rock To form caves you need water. The can be formed by surface water or by underground river, dissolving the rock and forming a cave A gigantic cave like Postojna is formed by powerful underground rivers.

Do you know what that one is called? White Stone? No, Its called the Diamond of the cave. A diamond, because it looks like a diamond. It is so white, that is because its 100 per cent calcium One of the coolest parts of all these cave systems is just how old they are. This system here is approximately 2.5 to 3 million tears old. And each of these stalagmites, which are the ones on the ground grow about 1 cm per 100 years. So that’s really, really slow. So now we are leaving the bigger tourist part of the cave and we are going into wild part of the cave Oh wow, you can see the entrance right there. These are ice crystals. I can touch them because they they are just made of ice. This cave is actually a younger cave because there is a river running though it. So younger caves have rivers running though them. I feel like everything in this cave will have a dream sequence filter on it. LED light. Very efficient. They last for hours. But before, this type of light had pollution so we tried to avoid it. The instructions are here. This is a 8 figure knob and this is a carabiner With this we can send down You got this girl okay, now I will start to loosen and you now control the speed. Nothing to it. Sun is setting and we left the Postojna cave to go to Predjama castle. It’s a castle in the mountain Actually, this castle right here connects to the the Postojna cave. So there is like an underground cave system. So that is why the built it into the rock wall Although we are not going inside the castle today, I am going to put a link right here, like a card and a link down below when I did go inside the castle. I was here in 2012 in the summertime, so you can see inside the castle.

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