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Morning we are off to Vietnam today it’s a long trip a seven-hour trip, and everyone is excited as we found out our bus has Wi-Fi. So I think we’re gonna have a lot to do these are little buggies gonna take us to another country cross another border, and we’ve never been to Vietnam before yeah yeah number 30 yes yeah it’s a tight squeeze bus. So I got it wrong this bus is taking us to our giant mega bus this is good actually – hi he said that we will be going to be travelling in a limousine, and he didn’t lie it is a limousine bus Friday Vietnam any single limo the best kind of our last Cambodian meal are you excited choice Vietnam is going to be exactly the same I feel like it’s our pot of noodles hidden with some veggies you know ready to enter Vietnam yeah this is it this is the border yeah let’s do it we are officially in Vietnam way different to going into Cambodia hey yeah like way more guys all right sorry still another two hours to use the Ho Chi Minh City for our eyes become the sort of learning that there’s 15 million people that live in Cambodia, and ten million people just living in the city of Ho Chi Minh that just shows how totally busy this Vietnamese were saying that there’s like seven million motorbikes yeah like.

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So many motorbikes everywhere this is so chaotic providing Ho Chi Minh City we’re about a five minute walk away from our hotel. So we’re walking there now or he’s twisted I found our bags this watch the best invention ever as guys on his phone, and that’s my bag for some reason in like the five minutes we’ve been in Vietnam we’ve already seen more like tourists than our entire time in Cambodia this is a very populous city or people just like to come to Vietnam this time of year look how chaotic this city is all my goodness go go go go go thank you, I’m so exhausted seven, and a half hours on that fast machine, I’m really district my legs oh this is so nice oh my gosh is so big really good also internet is really fast we were very happy about that mm-hmm okay this is a first in our bucket of free stuff they’ve given us a pack of cigarettes, and a lighter I’ve never been to a hotel that has done this before Wow oh my goodness. So many people this place is crazier than China we’re late the place we went to in China not too sure how to pronounce the name. But they do any good coffee seriously this lady’s stall care factor zero right in the middle of the road looks good though okay bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye only in Vietnam welcome to the upend everyone no I have them try not feel afraid, I’m dreaded dragon fruit we found the find the nest merch store right here how much fun does this all log, and the bags just got some cash out the money is just like Australian it’s plastic it’s got the little clear bit it’s got the colours, and what’s a cord all right guys to get ready for dinner, and I thought seeing as we’ve seen in Ho Chi Minh City for five minutes, I’ll give you my review of Ho Chi Minh City offers like what I’ve seen especially compared to Cambodia.

Because it’s a weird how countries can join, and you go to them, and there’s sorry different like, I’m going to compare to the capital of Cambodia pen on pen or whatever you have your be saying. So Chi Minh City is first of all way more crowded there are less tuk tuks aka zero tuk tuk suits are very sad about hurry Chi Minh City feels like a little bit more upper-class like it’s very clean you don’t see I haven’t seen any people begging for money or any homeless people it’s very very different how long would you add to this reviews even the currencies different of course anything you would add to our what is that green drink hmm what would you add the coffee is good coffee lots of coffee shops which is, I’m start to think like third world Asian countries don’t seem to drink coffee maybe it’s more of like a first world treat maybe. But there’s so many coffee shops here though. So many bakeries a lot of like bread, and stuff which we was hard to find in Cambodia it’s just famous I can go grab it that’s nothing there’s so many people, and it’s so little rubbish like it’s really different very very interesting beer we’re getting ready for dinner now, I’m just pretty much gonna stay out here enjoy the view enjoy the honking of the horns, and um here’s how last I didn’t even mention to you guys this is our last day on the tour. But tonight is the night we say goodbye to everyone which, I’m very upset about I don’t want it to end a sum about half the group you’re going on, and they’re going to go see all of Vietnam. Because there are no different – over on the ultimate Cambodia to us, and they’re unlike the ultimate into Indochina – or something like that which, I’m very jealous about beer. So farewell dinner tonight sound the crew grabbing their last drinks Geko squad assembling for the last time we got some quesadillas.

But we’re going to either be chopsticks. So it’s okay we decided to end the night at the top of the hotel they’ve like a rooftop bar. But I want to show you guys the view at night does you can see how crazy the traffic is all right guys we just say goodbye to everyone, and that is the end of our trip we were thinking of doing Q&A when we get home if anyone has any questions about the trip. So if you have anything about gecko adventure tours about the ultimate cambodia to us about Cambodians like in general any questions leave them below when we get home we’ll do a Q&A, and answering any questions you guys have we’re such an awesome trip loved it our little trip though isn’t over yet you’ll find out what we are doing it tomorrow for now we’re gonna say goodnight, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow in Ho Chi Minh City Steve want to say good night.

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