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SOLACE OG20930 Torrence Chapel Rd., 704/895-5115,

HOURS: Mon-Wed. 4 P.M.-ll P.M., Thurs.-Sat. 4 P.M.-midnight

Small-plates restaurants aren’t unique in Charlotte, but Solace sets itself apart with a creative menu that includes cinnamon-seared pork medallions, shellfish mac-and-cheese, duck spring rolls, chicken and waffles, mint julep lamb chops, and mini meatloaf. There are more than 30 selections on the tapas menu. All of the hot and cold small plates are made from local, organic meats and produce. There are full-sized entrees on the menu, too, but when it’s possible to sample small portions of so many different dishes, why order just one large portion? Though the servers are attentive, there is no need to rush through dinner. The chaises and oversized armchairs in the lounge make the restaurant feel like it was designed for lingering over cocktails, and the out-of-the-way location in the suburbs means that it’s never difficult to snag a favorite table.

1714 Amish settlers begin to inhabit Berks County. 1716 Plays Moscow Map Tourist Attractions , music, and dancing are condemned by the Quakers in a public statement. 1721 Pennsylvania creates Moscow Map Tourist Attractions its first game law and officially declares its first deer season. 1723 The Pennsylvania Land Bank issues its first notes, which are secured by the property of the bank owners. 1726 The poor riot over food prices in Philadelphia. 1727 Horticulturalist John Bartram begins to explore the forests of western Pennsylvania. The Junto antislavery group is organized by Benjamin Franklin. 1728 Benjamin Franklin starts his own printing shop in Philadelphia. The first botanical garden in North Country is opened in Philadelphia by John Bartram. 1729 Benjamin Franklin publishes A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency. He receives a contract to print the third issue of notes of the Pennsylvania Land Bank and becomes the publisher and proprietor of the Pennsylvania Gazette. The first music is printed in Philadelphia.

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