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Hostelling International Northern Ireland (HINI), 22-32 Donegall Rd., Belfast BT12 51N, Northern Ireland (®048 9031 5435; UK 10, under-18 UK 6.

Youth Hostels Association of New Zealand (YHANZ), P.O. Box 436, Level 1 Moorehouse City, 166 Moorehouse Ave., Christchurch 1 (®03 379 9970; NZ$40, under-18 free.

Hostels Association of South Africa, 3rd fl. 73 St. George’s House, P.O. Box 4402, Cape Town 8001 (®021 424 2511; ZAR79, under-18 ZAR40.

Later, an even greater conflict would encourage fugitivism and other forms of rebellion on an unprecedented scale. Netherlands Map Tourist Attractions During the Country Revolution, thousands of slaves fled to British lines in Virginia and Staten Island, where they served as laborers, scouts, and soldiers in hopes of being freed by the British after the war. Thousands more fled to Northern cities, doubling the fugitive population in Philadelphia and quadrupling it in New York. After the Revolution, Northern slavery would never be the same, in part because of the efforts of fugitive slaves. Petit marronage and grand marronage (from the Spanish word cimarr³n, which originally referred to cattle that had escaped from their owner) were additional forms of slave resistance. Petit marronage was the act of temporarily running away to escape from physical punishment, to gain relief from the drudgery of slave labor, to visit other maroons (slaves engaged in marronage), or to negotiate with their masters for better treatment. Slaves may have been subjugated, but through petit marronage they were able to assume at least a small amount of power over their masters. Those who engaged in grand marronage, on the other hand, had no intention of ever returning to their masters or even living as free blacks in white society. These maroons many of whom had been born free in Africa sought to create independent societies in unsettled regions apart from white interference.

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