New York Map

This is the Big Apple: Wall Street and its dollars, Rockefeller Center with its multinational corporations, Madison Avenue manipulating the media, the United Nations with its diplomacy. Dynamic? And how!

Look at the nervous knot of pedestrians waiting for the traffic light to change: a Wall Street tycoon, pin-striped; a Faces and races in the crowd: law-abiding New Yorkers cross with the traffic signal. At rush hour, walking can be faster than taking a taxi. chic black model with her portj folio; an Orthodox Jew straight out of the Old Testament; a Latin American more Latin than American but in a rush like everybody; to say nothing of the Chinese, Italians, Irish, Greeks, Eastern Europeans…

It is in the nature of a special verdict, where New York Map the jury leave the matter of the law to the court. Mr. Hamilton: I know New York Map , may it please Your Honor, the jury may do so. But I do likewise know that they may do otherwise. I know that they have the right beyond all dispute to determine both the law and the fact; and where they do not doubt of the law, they ought to do so. Leaving it to judgment of the court whether the words are libelous or not in effect renders juries useless to say no worse in many cases.

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