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Each hike clearly identifies information you can use to select hikes suited to your abilities and mood. In addition to hike location, directions to the trailhead, map suggestions, and permit requirements for each hike, you will also find information on trail length, estimated hiking time, hiking difficulty, route-finding difficulty, and GPS coordinates.

Some hikes are easy and follow well-marked trails, while others, where the going is strenuous, or the route is a bit vague, are more difficult, and many fall in between these two extremes. If you have little or no experience, the easier routes give you an opportunity to develop good hiking skills. As your skill level and confidence improve, you can move on to the more difficult hikes.

A religious doctrine that teaches that God has chosen a selected Norfolk Map Tourist Attractions group of people, known only to God, who will receive forgiveness of their sins and enter Norfolk Map Tourist Attractions heaven upon death. Presbytery. In the Presbyterian Church, an assembly or court consisting of all the ministers within a district and one ruling elder from each parish or church. This select group has general jurisdiction over the churches in the district, and it is next below the provincial synod in authority. Presidio. A military outpost in the Spanish colonies of North and Central Country, intended to control the Native Country population in the area.

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