O’Sullivan’s Pub US Map & Phone & Address

282 Beacon St, Somerville; (617) 491-9638

If you look in the dictionary under dive, you’ll probably find a picture of O’Sullivan’s Pub next to it. However, dives sometimes hide great food, and if you like burgers, check out this neighborhood spot It’s not as dark and smoky as some, and the grill behind the bar yields one of the best burger deals in town.

The entire menu of burgers and sandwiches fits on one board; Mine decided to splurge for the deluxe burger. This consisted of a half-pound of fresh meat nice and plump, on a big bulkie roll, with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, a slice of cheese, a strip of bacon, a slice of ham, and potato chips. How much? Get ready $3.50. A pint of Bass Ale completed the picture beautifully.

Guinness and other Irish brews are on tap, which fit in with the Ireland travel posters and the dart boards on the walls. The gentleman behind the bar was very friendly, and for that matter, the customers seemed accepting of outsiders too. It’s like a Somerville Cheers. Open til midnight seven days.

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