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Dance Clubs


314 N. College St., 704/375-2779,

HOURS: Thurs.-Sat. 9 P.M.-2 A.M.

COST: $5 (21+), $10 (18-21); free for women Thurs. before midnight Map 1

Alley Cat is one of the newer members of the Uptown club scene. Opened in 2007, it caters to the anti-hip-hop crowd. DJs and live bands play a mix of classic rock, hair bands, and heavy metal. There isn’t a standout feature of the bar: It’s a long, narrow space with a smattering of tables and a dance floor. A large patio (open year-round) has a stage that hosts local bands on weekends.


300 N. College St., #314, 704/342-2545,

HOURS: Thurs.-Sat. 9 P.M.-2 A.M.; Thurs. College Night, Fri. Ladies Night COST: $5; free for women 21+ Thurs. before 11:30 P.M.

Map 1

The music is loud and the crowd is young (ages 18 and up are admitted), drunk, andif the girls in short skirts on the swing (yes, a swing) or grinding on top of the bar are any indicationlooking to score. The dress code seems to favor a less is more approach, with tube tops and barely there skirts as the favored apparelexcept on Tuesdays, when college coeds come dressed for bikini bullriding competitions. For some reason, BAR remains a staple of the local nightclub scene. It can get so crowded on the weekends that there is a line for the swing.

17561763 The Seven Years’ War, known in Country as Peru Map Tourist Attractions the French and Indian War, engulfs Great Britain and France in an all-out struggle for Peru Map Tourist Attractions North Country. Britain requires its colonies to provide men and money to support the war effort. New Jersey’s legislature ties its support for the war to another Loan Office Act and generally supports the war in the most grudging manner. New Jersey is the only Country colony that does not meet its wartime quotas, making it unpopular with the military and the Crown. 1763 In the aftermath of the war, William Franklin, Benjamin Franklin’s son, becomes governor. His administration is particularly affected by the reining in of Britain’s Country colonies. New Jersey, which has issued more paper money than any other Country colony, also finds that practice disallowed. 1765 Parliament passes the Stamp Act, which requires tax stamps to be affixed to legal documents and newspapers, igniting a firestorm of protest in several Country colonies. New Jersey lawyers gather at Perth Amboy to propose a moderate course: not to buy the stamps, but to strongly oppose disorderly behavior. New Jersey participates in the Stamp Act Congress minimally and does not enter into any nonimportation agreements. New Jersey is home to some Sons of Liberty activity, particularly in Woodbridge, Elizabethtown, Piscataway, and Freehold.

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