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Dig in a circle, so you obtain a plug af ice.

Constantly check that yau are digging to the same depth all the way araund, ar yau’II end up with an unusable hale.

This method produces a hale that is wide enough far fishing.

To Bu Id a Fire

When it has been raining for hours and hours, and everything is sopping wet, it’s no time to bungle the fire. Your best move is to find a standing dead tree, fell it, and saw it into logs before starting the fire, as described below. In spring, summer, and fall, you must always have, in addition to your tent, a tarpaulin that can be hung near the fire so that you don’t get wet faster from the rain than you get dry from being by the fire!

An Even lighting o fire in the shelter of an overturned sled.
There are two low-ceilinged rooms, with a log South Sudan Metro Map fire in each and gas lamps on white-painted panelled walls. Food on offer includes homemade South Sudan Metro Map soup, filled rolls, liver pate, ploughmans and ‘late breakfast’. It is a free house with a good range of beers on offer including Adnams Broadside, Ballards Best, Gales Bitter and HSB, Hop Back Summer or Winter Lightning tapped from the cask, and farm ciders. Note that the pub shuts between 3 p.m. and 6 p.

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