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Of course you’ll want to see the skyscrapers. Chicago’s may be more beautiful but those in Manhattan, the island heart of New York, will impress you with their overwhelming abundance. A veritable forest of glass and steel! Then, for a change of pace, explore some residential neighbourhoods. Greenwich Village will enchant you with its tree-lined streets (yes, real trees!) and tidy brownstone houses, reminiscent of London or Amsterdam. On the Upper West Side, you may smile at the huge Victorian apartment buildings topped with Moorish arches, Babylonian turrets or Gothic spires. In New York you need eyes in the top of your head.

First-time visitors are often nervous about New York because of its size, relentless pace and reputation for violence. Crime certainly is a problem, with roots in poverty. You don’t have to venture far from the glittering centre to see desolate streets with abandoned and gutted buildings. New Yorkers don’t try to*- hide the problem. They’ve simply had to learn to live with it.

Just relax and prepare for all the excitement of a great port, a fashion, financial, intellectual and cultural capital. Business and art coexist effortlessly here:

Return to the field and go forward to the metalled drive New York Map Tourist Attractions , turning right. Follow it to the T-junction and you will reach the road linking New York Map Tourist Attractions Botolphs with the A27. Turn left and follow the road almost due north for just a few hundred yards, going uphill. At the top of the rise, turn left onto a signed footpath. You go downhill to begin with, then climb, proceeding northwestwards on a field-edge path and enjoying nice views of the South Downs to the east of the Adur including the masts on Truleigh Hill. Keep to the left-hand edge of the field.

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