When, you come from.

I can oh my god lightning just struck. So close it sounded like somebody dropped like a two-ton cement truck from the top of the building is just like shook everything oh my god no. I’ve never had that either welcome to dream hotel this feels like a dream right now like this is.

So surreal. I love a good storm oh wow. I feel like this was not expecting.


I know. I know today we’ve got something really exciting in store it looks like the weather is clearing up. And we are about to show, you some very friendly creatures.

So the storm is just about stop there’s still a bit of rain coming down still a good puddle up here, but, this is the place. So we’ve just arrived at Elephant jungle sanctuary here in Phuket Thailand we’ve been through Elephant jungle sanctuary in the North in Chiang Mai. And we had a really great experience there about two years ago now we’re going to go over there.

And check out what looks like a mother. And her little child we’re also going to check out the ocean, this is the smallest elephant. I’ve ever seen and.

I’ve seen a bunch of in there. So the baby elephants have this like fuzz on the back of them. And they kind of lose it as they get a bit older.

So this was extremely young. So. I’m trying to get up the hill right now.

And he’s so clumsy oh really relatable what’s doing our best right sorry what’s he doing when, you try your best, but, you don’t succeed Laughter to go you’re not familiar with the concept what the sanctuaries do is they actually take formerly abused elephants they were in the logging industry some of them were in the trekking industry where people are actually riding on them. And they’re brought here they’re cared for they’re given the ability to socialize with other elephants.

And most of all the abuse is stuff. I definitely think that, this is one of them that’s doing its job. And making sure that the elephants are able to socialize be treated well.

And just be cared for careful. So now Gary they eat two to three hundred kilograms per day which is like insane that’s like eating me. I don’t know kilograms forget it dinner time time to eat we have a lot of food for them.

And then we go wild like wow oh, it’s the one from earlier kisses yeah here comes trouble, this is like a lot of just even from the bath take a man like a little worm, you Oh bill. I think. I think.

I found some banana what what Jerry where is it down here Oh boys gone come on over quick sounds good oh we hit the jackpot today boy. So now we are going into the mud bath with the elephant if. I remember anything from last time they love the mud they came running when.

I was here in Chiang Mai being a little more tame about it today, but wants to get in there’s a spiritual rise been really good the only thing I’ll say is like, you know there’s a few too many people at times, but they’ve done a pretty good job despite the large number of people in dispersing. So when we feed the elephant’s. I had a pretty spread out.

So, you still have that opportunity with the elephant census guys overall, this is like a really incredible experience. I highly wrought in the sanctuary the sooner here’s a sense scratching his butt against this wall here for like five minutes hello Gehrke. And that’s how, you build the connection with an elephant incoming elephant is one of my most like favorite experiences here in Thailand yeah, it’s been awesome here comes the rain though yeah we got a text from Chris’s mom saying.

I pick, you up Liam tomorrow morning’s in the airport as we’re getting ready to go out tonight. And we’re like shoot like let’s go check the flight itinerary turns out Liam actually leave tonight Ivan for a night well not be here tomorrow night. And we were like getting ready to go like thank goodness she texted us because we literally would have been out like having to be beard being like well, you were supposed to be at the airport ten minutes ago.

I remember the food yeah, you can enjoy last time, you some extreme crackers okay. And then, you have five pineapple quite right the week is that the chef go on here. And explain to us what all, this is we have two huge baskets of food.

And it looks delicious. I’m very excited to. So, this is hands down like without even thinking about it, this is the best time eel.

I’ve ever had. And we’re having here at the trilogy restaurant at the green resort like. I’m just blown away it had the most incredible prawn with the meat just showing out as nicely buttered we had deep fried snapper we had chicken.

And beef satay sticks that were dipped with like a spicy mayo. And a peanut sauce how much time does that take to make two hours two hours yes careful, you can see here they’ve carved out everything the watermelon the honeydew the most meticulous assortment of fruit. I’ve ever seen don’t cry because, it’s over smile because q emotional music what if tops guys yeah now he’s got to go home what are, you doing at home landscaping.

And chilling with the boys zone with the bush why with them our final day in silence no cute emotional music hey guys how are you. So we’ve just arrived at our first stop this year is watch along. And today we’re being shown around by Eve key what’s up and, this is Fiona her mother.

I’m flying. I’m the driver it’s so cool because we literally met them in Patong probably about a week.

And a half ago. And they found us through snapchat they felt like. I don’t know how they found us to be honest, it’s probably thousands of people in Patong destiny.

I think what it is. And today they’re going to be showing us around Phuket because they live here. And.

I’m hoping, you guys have the local insight tonight phone all night yeah Christmas right here. So you’re going to take your shoes off yeah, you could not that’d be great so. I did we just think we’re gonna die a second ago pretty much what happened they put fireworks in that chimney-sweep thing there.

And it just makes it. So loud, you go down the road, you walk back the ladies are all equipped they’ve got their sarong looking good guys very nice. I feel like these like spirit things yeah look great.

So we drove about 20 minutes up the mountain and, you can see we’re overlooking like all of Phuket we pretty much got a full panorama on each side of the island right here is the reason we drove up the mountain, you see that we can just need a big Buddhist that’s not right not right what is this a big thing that, you like about scene from Rocky when he’s training to become the best that he could ever be. So right now that would be at least 3 times bigger than this making like a really low problem no incidentals, it’s like fully disappearing right now that’s only about a hundred meters away from me feel like. I’m at a church concert right now.

I’ve got like all the smoke rollin in right now look at that I’ll remit thing is different sizes. So second time yeah we’re stopping off at one of even Fiona’s little local secrets a place that tours would basically never saw that. So this right here fits the boss or in other words about maybe a dollar.

And a half a little more one of the best pod pods have had if you’re coming up the hill to see the Big Buddha keep an eye open for the tin roof. And that sign right there. I’ve not really traveled here much, but literally.

I feel like. I’m in a little Italian street right now fixed up oh my god. So pretty.

I know take that oh they got some really cool beauty there. So another local seeker here here in Phuket town. I believe, it’s called hangar Leia Road very colorful apparently at night time, this is the place to come.

And we’re going to be back see, you now when tonight’s cream on top should look like favorite that is a Melton cookie with ice cream it wouldn’t be a complete day in Phuket if we didn’t go watch the sunset the only problem is we might not get a sunset, but we’re going to try we’re here at Casa rocks we’re getting dinner here. And it should be really beautiful everything any other Jones right here we go damn look at these villas in a blaze of sleep you’re gone ow. I down.

I knew all right. So we just had a couple of incredible cocktails this one right here is my favorite, it’s called secret garden. And there’s like literally no better wage.

And all incredible month-and-a-half here in Thailand we’re actually at kata rocks which is like one of the top places to get drinks. And dinner here in Phuket, it’s on the southern tip if you guys are looking for the best sunset in phuket Kappa is the beach to go to that right there is the perfect way to end our trip like full disclosure that is not a cheap meal you’re going to be paying about 1,500 for the Wagyu tenderloin steak, but if you’re here on a fancy occasion that was the best steak. I’ve ever had a very fortunate to have been able to hang out with Eva.

And Fiona today, it’s been really great that they showed us around gave us some incredible recommendations. And this has been pretty much a wrap. So it is now time for us to go back to our hotel.

And then go to the airport. So let’s go ahead. And let’s head back.

So good to hang out today bye guys okay everyone thank, you we going we have about an hour to shop. And then no yes. I was cleaning it like we don’t know we basically bought 11 t-shirts.

And he bought an adidas wet suit set yeah Christian’s taking apparently taking the top we spent two thousand eight hundred for everything which is about a hundred. And ten us funny like they all in the NGO she in different ways some people are aggressive some people are sassy this guy played the sad card he’s like oh my friend while, you do this to me why, you do this to me we ended up getting the deal though. So we good tell me am.

I going tie ball since John oh you’d be a happy place. I’m a lover not a fighter shouting everyone happy then yes, you listen. I’ve already got like four pants tomatillo.

I paid 180 seconds yeah they’re all my honey but I bought 11 pairs already at 11:30 my honey bun. I couldn’t father sighs, you watch come on Mary a body here if.

I knew. I let her down Laura you’re letting her down and. I was thinking, but, you can’t really no.

I think the Intimidator ladies. And gentlemen started over to do. I reach dude guys thank you.

So much today’s the day we get 300k if you guys are keeping me motivated to keep pushing up posts because we’ve got the most incredible team team get lost thank you so much for 300 K. ?

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