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At this time, our research has not identified anyone by the name of Emma, Hatchin or Atchin associated with this room or the hotel. Should something be discovered later, we will post it in our Secret Room.

Moving to the basement, where our investigation actually began, there was no video or photo evidence collected. The audio recorders placed throughout gave us little results except for two rooms.

One was the employee break room. This is the area where Jules felt a presence. There was a certain feeling I got, as well, when sitting in the room. It’s hard to describe, but something just wasn’t right. We left our audio recorders in the room for the remainder of the evening. After we left, I left my recorder behind.
The French Revolution, which broke out in Europe in 1789 Places in Hawaii to visit , had a major impact on Saint Domingue. The French were too occupied with troubles at home Places in Hawaii to visit to pay any attention to their distant colonies. Left alone, various factions in Saint Domingue quickly began to quibble among themselves. Tensions grew and by 1790, heated civil conflicts began to break out in the colony. One extremely hot issue was the claim by people of color that they were French citizens. This claim to full legal and political rights outraged the wealthy and powerful whites who held power in Saint Domingue.

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