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The Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the world, and what behind me is just the cathedral. There are buildings here, here, here, here, here, everywhere. So we have some serious exploring to do. I am now inside the St. Vitus Cathedral. From the outside this place looks like it’d be dark, but it is so full of light here, it’s really beautiful. Prague Castle is huge, it’s actually the biggest castle complex in the world. There’s so many fun places to explore. I am now inside the homes where the guards lived here in Golden Lane. It’s where the archers would shoot, out from here to protect the castle. Bam bam bam! Kill all the bad guys. I’m now gonna check out a medieval prison and I’ve heard there’s some pretty interesting torture devices, let’s go. What we have here is a medieval head-squasher. To get to the top of this cathedral, it is 300 steps and it is my goal to get there right now. It’s gonna take a while, but I can do it. I thought Prague was beautiful from ground level. From up here it is absolutely breathtaking. Prague Castle is incredibly beautiful. And it’s not just one building, it’s a whole series of buildings, and each one has its own character. I love it.

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Prague in One Day Sightseeing Tour

This post I’m gonna do the Prague in One Day sightseeing tour it’s gonna be a jam-packed day with culture, architecture, and a little bit more. Martina is my guide, we ready? Yes we are, let’s go. Let’s do it! Let’s do it! Welcome to the Prague Castle, we’re starting in front of the St. Vitus Cathedral. On the outside this place looks like it’d be dark but it’s so full of light in here, it’s really beautiful. Prague Castle complex is huge and there’s all these fun places to explore. Right now I’m in the same area where the guards used to live. This is what have here is a medieval head-squasher.

Now we’re headed to the most beautiful view of Prague. On the left-hand side that is the St. Vitus Cathedral, we were up in the tower with the green roof. They cannot be more beautiful than this, this is as beautiful as it gets, right? Yes. This is awesome. That was pretty cool. That gets an A+ as far as giant coo-coo clocks go. This is the place to be in Prague, I’m on the Charles Bridge. We have a fantastic view of the castle behind me, there’s live music, there’s art, there’s paintings, there’s people from all over the world on this bridge. There’s so many thing to look at. This is my favorite spot in Prague. So this is the John Lennon Wall. This place was selected in 1980s as a place for local people to make a memorial for him. John Lennon the man. Martina I’m loving these little cobblestone alleyways, these are all over Prague? Yes, it’s a typical sight of a historical city. Little narrow, winding streets. You can easily get lost here. We did it, Prague in One Day sightseeing tour, that was amazing, Martina, thank you so much! More than welcome, come back again! I will be back.

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