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GUIDES. Organized tours are offered by several agencies, and cost from $5 to $15 (by bus) and $15 to $32 for special excursions (by helicopter, night club rounds, historical fours, etc.).

Individual sightseeing guides are also available, for example, through Red Carpet Associates, 19 East 57th Street, N. Y. 10022 (tel. 832-7297). Other agencies include Your Way, Box 1232, N.Y. 10022 (tel. 516-883-4560); Back Stage on Broadway, Suite 344, 228 West 47th Street, N.Y. 10036 (tel. 575-8065) for production tours; Art Tours of 112 Manhattan, 33 East 22nd Street. N.Y. 10010 (tel. 254-7682).

HAIRDRESSERS’; BARBERS’; HEALTH CLUBS. Numerous clubs and gyms offer special pampering such as massage, saunas, facial treatment and head-to-toe care. You can work out and keep in shape in one of the well-equipped indoor gyms, swimming pools, tracks and tennis courts which exist all over New York City.

There are plenty of barbers, and hairdressers for women usually accept male customers as well. During the week you can be fitted in fairly promptly in most establishments, but you should book ahead for a Saturday appointment.

Prices at hairdressers’ vary enormously. Some sample rates are given in the following chart: Man’s haircut $10-14 Woman’s simple cut 10-25 Shampoo and set 10 Shampoo and blow-dry 10 Colour rinse 12-20 Tipping: 15 per cent.

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