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8231 Gilead Rd., 704/875-3271

HOURS: Tours May-Sept. 2-5 P.M. third Sun. of month COST: $4 adults, $2 students, free children under 6

In the 1800s, this was the place to buy kettles, shovels, rattraps, and buttons. James Torrance, the son of Irish immigrant Hugh Torrance, established the store in 1805. He purchased the initial inventory on a buying trip in Philadelphia, where records indicate he spent almost $4,000. Torrance extended credit to his customers for periods ranging from one day to one month and often accepted cotton, land, or commodities like lard or powder in exchange for payment. It’s the oldest-standing store building in North Carolina and one of the few remaining 18th-century structures in Mecklenburg County. The home was built in 1779 with additions in 1787 and 1805 and was the first house Torrance built for his family. James Torrance operated the store until 1825, when his daughters convinced him it was beneath a man of his means to engage in a trade business. The store records still survive and are on display at the store-turnedmuseum Costumed actors also take part in a living-history performance during the monthly open house.

I heard from other Indians I had already taken that this Reno Map Tourist Attractions land was an island, and thus followed the eastern coast for one hundred and seven leagues, Reno Map Tourist Attractions until I came to the end of it. From that point I saw another isle to the eastward, at eighteen leagues’ distance, to which I gave the name of Hispaniola. I went thither and followed its northern coast to the east, as I had done in Juana, one hundred and seventy-eight leagues eastward, as in Juana. This island, like all the others, is most extensive. It has many ports along the sea-coast excelling any in Christendom and many fine, large, flowing rivers. The land there is elevated, with many mountains and peaks incomparably higher than in the centre isle. They are most beautiful, of a thousand varied forms, accessible, and full of trees of endless varieties, so high that they seem to touch the sky, and I have been told that they never lose their foliage. I saw them as green and lovely as trees are in Spain in the month of May. Some of them were covered with blossoms, some with fruit, and some in other conditions, according to their kind. The nightingale and other small birds of a thousand kinds were singing in the month of November when I was there. There were palm trees of six or eight varieties, the graceful peculiarities of each one of them being worthy of admiration as are the other trees, fruits and grasses. There are wonderful pine woods, and very extensive ranges of meadow land.

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