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315 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge; (617) 497-0977

This Jamaican restaurant and bar, a relatively new arrival in the M.I.T. area, cooks up more than terrific jerk chicken and curried conch. Every Friday and Saturday night from 10:30 PM. to 1 A.M. plus occasional Thursdays, they close up the kitchen and instead serve up live Caribbean dance music. Local bands play every variety of Afropop, from reggae to calypso to soukous. There’s a full bar (plenty of Red Stripe beer on hand). Good thing there’s a dance floor; this music makes it hard to sit still.

Cover is usually a reasonable $5; or, you can come in before 10 P.M. order dinner, and stay on for no extra charge. The menu is moderately priced (with a few entrees under $10), the food is wonderful, and the service is friendly.

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