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Taking a course or reading a book on the subject of wilderness San Diego survival also wouldn’t hurt, just in case you should ever find yourself in a situation of being lost and separated from your gear. Ways of getting through a night without adequate clothing or gear might include making a huge pile of loose, dry leaves and crawling into it, or doing intermittent calisthenics.

For a moment let’s assume that an unlikely, unwanted event has indeed occurred. You’ve reached a point where you’re clearly lost and can’t find the way back. First sit down for a rest. Take some deep breaths. Do your best to remain calm. Think through recent events and try to remember how you came to be where you are now. See if you can sense which is the right way back.

If you’ve been traveling with others but are now separated from them, and you’re pretty sure they’ll be searching for you, stay put right where you are. Above all, don’t rush off aimlessly in any direction. You could be relatively close to the trail, and if you head the wrong way this will make matters worse.

Since other people might be within earshot, use your whistle, blowing a series of three short blasts, which is widely known to be a signal of distress. Try shouting as well. If you get a response, move very slowly and carefully in the direction of the voice, carrying all gear along with you.

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When she wrote the work in the 1780s and 1790s, her hopes for the long-term prospects of the Country republican system already had begun to wane. San Diego Map She believed that the self-sacrifice that had marked the Revolution had given way to selfishness, faction, and greed, and that the consolidation of government represented by the Federalists did not bode well for the future of liberty. Publication may have been delayed to 1805 to coincide with the reelection of an administration sympathetic to her views. John Adams began to viciously attack the History in 1807, and, in 1808, Warren’s husband died. She nevertheless maintained her spirits and carried on with her intellectual life until her death in 1814. That she accomplished so much, despite her considerable duties as a devoted wife and mother of five children, made her life all the more noteworthy. David M. Fitzsimons See also: Arts, Culture, and Intellectual Life (Chronology); Arts, Culture, and Intellectual Life (Essay); Literature; Theater. Bibliography Richards, Jeffrey H. Mercy Otis Warren. New York: Twayne, 1995.

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