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Busy with our commitments, few scientists take the time to read up on the town or city hosting the event that they’re attending and there’s plenty of scope for unexpected encounters and experiences. Scientific meetings are often in places that are way off any normal tourist agenda and local university colleagues, who are proud of where they live, often take a bit of time out to show us around.

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Sharing our evidence-based view of the world, Where is Sandy Springs? and with inside knowledge and contacts, they can provide a somewhat different perspective to the spiel of an informed tour guide. That’s what is at the heart of the travelling scientist experience. If we’re lucky, we get to see even the familiar through an alternative filter, the differently focused lens of the incidental tourist!

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MY RESEARCH FIELD IS infection and immunity so, before we start in too seriously on my personal experiences as an Incidental Tourist, bear with me for a bit while I make a couple of points about how to avoid one travel experience you definitely don’t need: contracting a horrible infection. This is important because, when you board an international flight in Melbourne, Sandy Springs Map, Dubai or Singapore, your fellow passengers could be travelling from anywhere on Earth. Maybe they’ve been holidaying in a tented enclosure on an African game park, or on a bus tour in India. And it’s possible they’ve picked up some ‘little passengers’ along the way.

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