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Albergue – Vilasario Schoolhouse ‘Floor’ Leaving the albergue retrace your steps [200m] and turn off Left (signposted Negreira / Iglesia). Pass the 18th c. parish Church of San Xulian [200m], up steps onto laneway veering Left after [300m] up onto a rough woodland path. Continue up (straight on after 150 metres) up and over the Alto da Cruz to rejoin the asphalt road [1.5 km].

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ABANDON ADO (Semi derelict) on the comer. While not recommended it may provide a temporary shelter for the night if in need. The electric light was on when visited in 2001. Who pays the bill is a mystery! This abandoned bungalow adjoins the main road and is adjacent to the two bars listed above.

Other possibility: From Mar onus the road continues South to Pino de Val (7.0 km South) which has guest house accommodation (See map). Casa Abandonada

PUENTE proceed over concrete bridge (rio de Maronas) into the Concello de Mazaricos and the straggling village of Maronas. The Camino veers Left behind the houses that front the main road (bar/ telephone). Pass wa -side cross and turn Left at T-Junction [1.2 km] through Santa Marina (Crucein ) and past picnic area (left) to join main road (LC-403) [800m]. Turn Left passin bar Casa Victoriano (bocadillos and small shop) and the adjoining modem b; r Antelo along main road for [500m] to:

From the turn off for Bon Xesus continue straight on the main road passing the sign (right) at 0.4 km for Forxas (Abaxio o Arriba) to the next junction on yon r left to Corbeira at 1.8 km (signposted Eiron). There are no visible signs M indicate that you are within 100 m of a magnificent dolmen. At the semi-abar- doned twjo-storey house at the junction tak? the muddy path to the field at the rear. B 7 mindful this is private land and show due care and respect. Just the other side of thr young plantation lies the dolmen. Erecte I 3,000 years ago as a site of sacred r it util and the worship of the divine. Take some time to contemplate the awesome age of thi i Dolmen de Corbeira prehistoric cathedral. In reflecting this way we become joined through time in our con -mon search for the Eternal.

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