The Czech Republic or Czech yeah. I believe, it’s now called is one of my absolute favorite countries although. I might be slightly biased because.

I have family from there. I love the Czech Republic, it’s an amazing country and. I travel through there multiple times and.


I might be going back very soon because. I recently did a DNA test with 23andme. And I’ll be traveling to where the results take me which.

I’m assuming is the Czech Republic since family that’s kind of where my family’s from but I don’t know the results could take me anywhere. So stay tuned because that’ll be in a later post, but for now let’s count down the top 10 things to see.

And do in the Czech Republic slash Czechia cesky krumlov possibly the most picturesque town in the entire country, it’s over 715 years old. And has a beautiful mixture of Gothic Renaissance. And Baroque architecture even though, you can walk the one side to the other in less than 30 minutes there’s.

So much to do in this really cute small town it is literally pinterest haven cesky krumlov is just. So picturesque. And beautiful.

I simply loved exploring the town super walkable it is a bit touristy. And it does receive quite a few visitors each year, but bring your camera and, you won’t be disappointed the cesky krumlov castle constructed in the 13th century this castle passes through some of the possession of the most prominent figures in their region, it’s actually declared a national monument in a czech republic. And a unesco world heritage site.

And from the actual castle itself, you get the best views of cesky krumlov overlooking the entire town. And also there are multiple tours that, you can take, you through various parts of the castle. So, you can pick.

And choose on how much castle, you want to do because, it’s a big castle just scape what you’d say now although, this is a lesser-known town it has that full authentic Czech feel there’s like no tourists in Chesky would, you say compared to cesky krumlov being only 25 minutes away if you don’t mind that drive or taking the bus, you can get way cheaper accommodations if you’re saying it just keep good, you may say. And way cheaper food because, it’s not like jacked-up tourist Rice’s plus, it’s just kind of a really cool town. I really enjoyed Chesky would, you say brewery tours as they say when in Rome do as the Romans well when in the Czech Republic yeah drink beer.

I kid, you not in the Czech Republic beer is literally cheaper than water. And obviously a brewery tour or brewery tours are a must do now. I’ve done two brewery tours in the Czech Republic of the two biggest breweries the first one is the Budweiser boudoir brewery tour.

And that is in the town of cesky would, you say. And the other one is the pilsner urquell brewery in the town of pills in even though pilsner urquell is actually the more popular tour my speaker was actually the Budweiser boudoir tourists it felt there was a much more in-depth tour and, you get to see a lot more of the actual brewery in the brew process itself although my personal favorite beer of the two is pilsner urquell so. I recommend at least doing one brewery tour when, you are in the Czech Republic, you will not regret it because Jack beer is.

So the best beer guys it is just the best beer. I kid, you not Prague Bazaar, you have heard of Prague as it is the largest city. And the capital of the Czech Republic it received over 6 million international visitors annually.

And for good reason Prague is just beautiful there’s no other city that can compare to the amount of Gothic architecture. I kid, you not that is in Prague it is just simply a stunning the river the bridges, it’s just Prague, it’s romantic. And, it’s gorgeous.

And, it’s full of people beware that there is going to be a lot of people in Prague again 6 million visitors annually there’s a lot of crowds if you want to avoid crowds go in the offseason because Prague is beautiful all year round all year round with the history the collection of sites museums attractions there is absolutely no way you’re going to miss Prague if you’re going to the Czech Republic st. Vitus Cathedral this stunning example of Gothic architecture from the 14th century is the largest. And most important church in the country, it’s located within the Prague Castle complex up on the hillside overlooking the entire city of Prague no seriously, you get an amazing view from the Prague Castle.

And from st. this Cathedral. So we’re just looking for a viewpoint go check that out, but when you’re there, you might as well go inside the cathedral because it is simply just stunning there’s also a very important part of Prague history.

And contains the two of many bohemian kings. And Holy Roman emperors if you are a fan of Gothic architecture oh my goodness st. Vitus Cathedral is that is it that is that’s the creme de la creme charles bridge.

So, this is one of the most visited landmarks in Prague it is literally just a bridge that spans the river, but it is populated with artists musicians. And vendors that will do all types of paintings plus there are sculptures lining all the bridge it has survived over 600 years of weather conflict floods etc, you name it, it’s a pretty sturdy bridge, it’s just kind of like a fun pedestrian-only zone to cross the river on. And enjoy music.

And look at art while, you are doing. So Brno Brunel is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. And a major hub of the country there are many exhibits festivals fairs.

And events that take place in this historic city it also has a very large population of young people since it is a university hotspot. And there are 13 yes 13 institutions of higher learning within the city literally. I think, it’s almost my favorite city in the Czech Republic it really surprised me it is not touristy at all.

And it really gives a awesome fun vibe in the Czech Republic of many places to go eat. And, it’s easy to get around. And, it’s just a beautiful beautiful city to go.

And explore. And not have to deal with the crazy crowds of prague spielberg castle this castle was built by. And for the kings of Bohemia over time though the seat of power would eventually turn into is considered the harshest prison in the austro-hungarian Empire that’s right, you can actually go tour the dungeons in the still burg castle, but the castle itself is just beautiful again, you get a view overlooking all of Brno, it’s a really lovely castle there’s lots of artefacts lots of things to see.

And, it’s now actually home of the Brno City Museum. So there’s the museum there as well, you got dungeons, you got museums, you got viewpoints what more can, you ask for oh yeah awesome architecture, it’s got that to the astronomical clock located in Prague. And installed in the year 1410, this is the oldest astronomical clock in the world that is still operating today the incredibly complicated mechanism not only has a 24-hour clock, but also keeps track of ancient Czech time sidereal time phases of the Moon it also has a list of name days included on that which are your like check birthdays eventually it is.

I think the most visited spot in the Czech Republic there’s a lot of crowds that go there for like on the hour because it stings on the hour. And there’s moving bits. And it like cuckoos, it’s a clock, it’s an ancient clock that moves.

And tells time so. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the Czech Republic last check yet because. I’m super excited to possibly be going back there is my DNA results take me there which it could take me anywhere.

And it could take, you anywhere because guys. And gals listen up we got a sweepstakes announcement 23andme is giving away 23 trips to 23 winners to travel based on their DNA the winners plus their guests will get a round-trip airfare hotel accommodation refine night custom itineraries by journey to explore the local life. And daily spending money, it’s a twenty thousand dollar value including taxes.

And fees that, you could win. I want, you to win actually. I want 23 of, you guys.

And girls to win this. So please go check it out go enter links right here links down below in the description, you can enter by either buying a 23andme kit or, you can enter for free online links right there thank you so much for reading this post.

I really hope, you enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up don’t forget to comment to my, you Tube blog. And let me know down below in the comments what your favorite place to visit in the czech republic is or what you’re thinking of visiting in the czech republic if you’re plotting it for a future trip alright bye. ?

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